This web page contains extensive information about alternative cancer treatment 714X. It contains the details that support the 714X ratings on the Comparison table*. Much of this information cannot be supplied by a 714X distributor or manufacturer due to FDA regulations. All information is free and kept updated. Contact information of distributors is also provided at the page botton in the How People Order section.

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These Treatments are Different

You cannot pick an alternative cancer treatment the same way you pick your other medications. Despite the enthusiastic claims of well meaning people:

A person's unique body chemistry seems to be the most important consideration in selecting an alternative cancer treatment. Only energy medicine offers a selection method that takes body chemisrty into account.

What to Do

Consider the cocktail approach to preventing cancer cells from becoming drug resistant. Smart cancer patients are taking three or four treatments each of which were selected by different means such as:

After you have used a treatment for a while, drug resistance can prevent the treatment from continuing to be effective. Successful cancer patients prevent drug restive cells from developing by using three or more alternative cancer treatments, the cocktail.

714X Introduction

714X or Trimethylaminohydroxybicycloheptane Chloride is an immune system booster that operates through the lymph system. In Canada, the home of the developer, over 4,000 prescriptions of 714X have been written. There have never been any clinical trials for 714X.


714X was developed by one man Gaston Naessens with the use of the Somatoscope, the type of microscope which he invented. Although it was used as early as the 1950's, 714X was made available around 1980.

Using the somatoscope Naessens observed the blood of healthy persons and those with diseases. He identified blood particles that he named somatids. By culturing these somatids, he identified a three-stage micro- and additional 13-stage macro-biological cycle that he believes are regulated by inhibitors in the blood. When these inhibitors are reduced during times of stress, the microcycle can continue its full development into the 13 more stages of the macrocycle. Other scientists, upon seeing these same particles, generally describe them as "fibrin formations". Naessens responds by asserting that "no one has ever explained the wide prevalence of these ‘artifacts’ in carefully prepared and usually sterile slides"

Naessens developed a number of substances to interfere with these somatidian life cycles. He settled upon a camphor compound that he chemically combined with nitrogen, ammonium salts, sodium chloride, and ethanol (714X). For a complete analysis, see the Technical Data report in PDF form. Naessens and his colleagues believe that it is more likely to be beneficial in patients who have not received radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

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714 X and contains ammonium chloride, nitrate, sodium chloride, ethanol, and water. It balances the immune system responses when germs, viruses, and cancerous cells are detected. It does this by reducing the viscosity of the lymph and makes nitrogen available to immature cells that could become cancerous. Nitrogen neutralizes the ability of cancerous cells to hide from the immune system and can prevent cells from becoming cancerous.


A few animal experiments have been conducted, but the results of these experiments have not been reported in peer-reviewed, scientific journals. The animal studies utilized a lymphosarcoma tumor model in rats and lymphoma tumor models in dogs and cows. 714-X was not found to be effective as an anticancer treatment in these studies. Reviewed in Unconventional therapies for cancer: 6. 714-X. Task Force on Alternative Therapeutic of the Canadian Breast Cancer Research Initiative by E. Kaegi. CMAJ 158 (12): 1621-4, 1998.

In April of 2001, the distribution company for 714X, CERBE Distribution Inc., sued Dana Faber Cancer Institute for allegedly ending tests that showed positive results with 714X and refused to reveal the results even though CERBE was paying for the testing. The suit was settled out of court. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute requested that the National Cancer Institute (NCI) conduct a test of 714X. In August of 2001, CERBE submitted 16 cases to the NCI that highlighted successful treatment with 714X3,4. NCI agreed to conduct an independent review of these patients’ medical records. Those results are not to be easily found. This is the related statement on the NCI web site on 20 June 2013, "No study of 714-X has been published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal to show it is safe or effective in treating cancer." You should not be surprised by this duplicity by NCI. The cancer industry is rife with such dirty dealings. The vast majority being performed by the conventional cancer group. Alternative health practitioners can rarely afford a lawyer so they are more strongly motivated to be honest.

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No scientific studies have been run on 714X whose results have been reported in peer-reviewed, scientific journals. However, the manufacturer, C.E.R.B.E. inc., has produced a "Technical Data" report containing the results of a chemical analysis performed by an independent laboratory asked to identify the ingredients of an unidentified product. To download the PDF of that report, click here.

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Quantity of Papers

Most of the articles written about 714X are historical and deal with the trial of Gaston Naessens. There are no papers available on the anti-cancer activity of 714X.

Conclusiveness of Papers

There are no papers available on the anti-cancer activity of 714X.

Standalone Ability

There is no indication that other treatments are needed when taking 714X.

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Dosage and Ease of Use

A daily injection is given for at least 24 consecutive weeks. These injections must be administered in the abdominal area with a 3/8" needle to place 714X near a lymph node. This mode of administration makes 714X the most difficult alternative cancer treatment to administer.

People who change their eating habits greatly increase the effectiveness of the supplements they take. Consider reading the General Diet* subsection of the Home page.


714X is supposed to be given daily for 21 consecutive days followed by a two day break and then a resumption of injections. This procedure is recommended for five to six months, but may require a longer course.

714X is supposed to be started gradually as follows:

Day 1 = 0.1cc
Day 2 = 0.2cc
Day 3 = 0.3cc
Day 4 = 0.3cc
All subsequent days = 0.5cc

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Side Effects

There is no evidence that 714X causes any side effects except flu like symptoms and some detox symptoms such as, low grade fever, aching muscles, nausea, and tiredness. These symptoms usually subside within a few days.

Surgical Consideration

The manufacturer recommends, if reasonable, that the full 21-consecutive-day course of 714X be done prior to surgery. One reason for this is that the treatment can reduce the risk of spreading cancer to a new site due to cutting on the tumor. Migration of cancerous cells through the lymphatic system after surgery is a well-known method of spreading cancer.

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The manufacturer recommends that 714X users avoid supplement strength/levels of the following:

Levels of these supplements that are normally found in food is acceptable. Conflicts between 714X and conventional treatments have not been observed except for a conflict between 714X and antiangiogenic cheoms (chemo that kills cells by cutting off blood supply). Wait two weeks after taking antiangiogenic treatments before starting 714X.

714X and Cancell

Case histories have shown that 714X and Cancell (Cantron and Protocel) interferes with each other. Cancell has antiangiogenic properties.

714X and Conventional Treatments

714X can be used with conventional treatments whether they be chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy or other therapies. It does not hinder their respective modes of action nor does it modify their effectiveness. 714X combined with conventional therapies can only benefit the patient as it promotes the elimination of metabolic waste matter (meaning toxins) produced by the above mentioned conventional treatments. It can also reduce the intensity of side effects associated with conventional therapies (exception antiangiogenic chemos) such as nausea, loss of appetite, etc. as it helps the body to cleanse itself by favoring the circulation of the lymph and by assisting in cellular repair by bringing nitrogen to the organism.

Year Available

714X was generally available starting around 1980 although it was used in a limited way as early as 1950.

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Relative Cost per Month

A 21 day course costs $300US and a minimum of 6 to 8 consecutive courses are needed. This brings the cost per month to $400. In some cases, continued use may be needed.

Testimonials and Belief

Testimonials can be a very powerful tool to help in the healing process because they can boost your belief in a treatment. However, reading testimonies is a poor method of making a treatment selection. An alternative cancer treatment with only a 5% success rate can still obtain many genuine and impressive testimonials. A selected group of positive testimonials cannot compare to a study were all of the case histories are presented, the failures as well as the successes. Only then can you have a significant impression of effectiveness.

For the above reason, it is not a good idea to use testimonials to help you select a cancer treatment. Save testimonials for the role that they perform the best, bolstering belief after treatments have been selected. Using an Alternative Cancer Treatment Test kit * is a much better method of making the treatment decision.

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How People Order

Since you are about to leave this web site, make sure that you have the most important information:

Insure Success
Almost every cancer patient uses more than one alternative cancer treatment. The most successful use at least one that was selected by their body. After you order 714X, learn how to ask you body to select another cancer treatment using Applied Kinesiology*. It only takes about ten minutes and you will have a skill that will help you do many things.


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Supplier Cooperativeness

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Cancer Essentials

After you make an order, be sure to review the essentials to alternative cancer treatment* that go hand and hand with the principle alternative treatment.

The Best Present

Without a doubt the best present you can give a cancer patient is a spontaneous remission, consider learning more about hypnosis CDs and spontaneous remissions, click the CD.

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