This web site is dedicated to the fact that an informed cancer patient can make a better cancer treatment selection than most conventional medical doctors whose education is heavily controlled by pharmaceutical companies* and who usually know very little about the safe and inexpensive alternative cancer treatments.

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Personal Message to Cancer Patients and Their Care Providers
We are sorry that you need this information because it means that you are going through difficult times. Our pledge to you is to present alternative cancer information in the most concise, accurate and well organized manner possible. In order to understand how information is presented on this web site, please read the"Using" section below. It contains explanations of things like the use of ** at the end of some links

- Paul Winter and the staff.


If you are seriously considering alternative cancer treatments, most everything you need is on this web site, but that is a lot of information. In order to serve everyone this web site has about three times the information any one person needs. It is difficult to know what information is important for you. That is why a Phone Consultation is so important.

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The Comparison Table

The Comparison table is the gateway to all the information about the 12 alternative cancer treatments presented on this web site. First read all the instructions just above the table then click on any table cell to read more about the cell contents. The top banner graphic on most pages links to the Comparison table.

Short cut : clicking the graphic on the top of most pages will bring you to the Comparison table. The Comparison table is linked to the treatments that are presented on this web site.

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Visualizing the flow of water through your body removes
blocks to your energy.
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Website History

This web site was started in September of 1997. It was called "The Cancell Home Page" and had a completely different web address. The original purpose was to expose the misleading statements made by NCI regarding Cancell*. Once this information was presented, I received many email questions about alternative cancer treatments which I was able to answer due to:

When answers were written, they were added to the web site. After a few years, that web page had a tremendous amount of information regarding Cancell (Cantron or Protocel), but it lacked organization.

During the first few years, hundreds of case histories were collected. By studying the case histories, an effectiveness number of 50% was roughly established for Cancell. This was an unscientific method of establishing effectiveness, but it is the same number as the developer estimated. Full results. One absolute truth was learned from this study: tracking cancer patients to maintain case histories is extremely time consuming.

The original web site lacked structure because information was added piecemeal. A new web site was needed that would: was the result.

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Track Record

Since 1997, this web site and its predecessor web site, The Cancell Home Page, have promoted the Trophoblast Theory of Cancer. That theory was proposed by professor John Beard of the University of Edinburgh in Scotland in 1902. This is also the theory supported by the book "World Without Cancer" by Griffin. This book has been quoted more than any other book on my web site. In March 2004, Beard's theory once again gained support. This time in the most prestigious conventional cancer medical journal, the Cancer Journal.

Who Are the Real Scurvy Dogs?

For hundreds of years, scurvy killed more English sailors than all other causes combined including battles. Then, some Canadian Indians saved an icebound crew of English sailors from scurvy by giving them a brew from the white cedar tree rich in vitamin C. The Captain returned home with the cure for the deadliest disease on the seas, but it took 100 years from the English medical establishment to admit that the savage Indians were right. It looks like we are not getting much quicker to admit that nutrition can be the solution to our deadliest enemy. To read about the dreadful success statistics of conventional treatments from the book "World Without Cancer" click here.

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Products and Services does not sell any alternative cancer treatments, but the following products and services are available through this web site and help support us:

Two hypnosis CDs for cancer. Both use the techniques that helped 159 terminal cancer patients double their survival time. The CD on the left is additionally directed towards a spontaneous remission.


170 pages of the best jokes collected over 15 years
The Joke Books are sold out but a
CD will be available by the end of 2013

Universal Balance Protection Pendants

Protection from cell phones and other EMF generators plus healing frequencies that will not wear out. Click the pendants for more information.

Red Jasper

Spiral Wrapped


Also Energy Balancing and Energy Work

You can find on this web site is a page about reducing fibermalgia pain. It is not known if this approach will reduce cancer pain, but some people want to try anything that might help. Feedback will help hundreds of people.

The Company and Staff

The company responsible for the, Winter Works (later changed to Winter Goals) was started by Paul Winter in 1997. He is currently taking a sabbatical. All the products sold by Winter Goals are made in the United States. The the test kit is made in Cottonwood, AZ. The CDs and DVDs are manufactured in Phoenix.

- Paul Winter

The following people support Winter Goals as paid contributors or volunteers:

Cheri DeShaw was born into a healer family. Her father was an amazing healer and taught Cheri starting from an early age. She now has over 25 years experience as an alternative health practitioner using various energy medicine machines and hands on healing. Her main skills are as a health intuitive. Cheri is now performing the phone consultations and doing a great job. She also runs the business end of Winter Goals.

Larry Castle is our CD sound track composer and musical consultant. Larry graduated UC Fullerton with a bachelors in Music and now runs the Music Tailor** web site. He wrote and performed the sound track for the hypnosis CDs.

Linda Kiesler is one of our copy editors. Linda has worked for various Silicon Valley companies as a technical writer and an editor.

Linda Slasberg is our main copy editor and the operator of Simply Typing.

Mary Moschel is our Production Coordinator. Mary is a retired teacher with a sharp mind for detail, perfect for imprinting all those Test Kit vials.

Paul Winter is the Webmaster and main writer/researcher. For Paul’s full story see About the Webmaster below.

Terry Giannangelo is our Design Consultant. Terry has worked primarily in the clothing industry in the tech/design departments for companies such as Gap.

Tish Canalano is our Production Assistant.

Over the years other wonderful people have helped us review and edit the web site. To that end, we would like to thank the following kind people: Judy Glassing, Kao Yongvang, Karen Mueller, PhD and Thomas C. Halle, D.C..

Winter Goals is located in Suite D2, 751 North Main St, Cottonwood, AZ  86326 in the Sedona area of Arizona and can be contacted through email via the Comments page a link to which can be found at the bottom of most pages on this web site.

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Page Appearance

On this web site, you will not find pictures of happy people to make you feel better about what you read. However, you will find that:

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Please consider purchasing a test kit. It is one of the few proactive, hands-on things you can do for a cancer patient. Not only is it almost always an interesting exercise, but it stimulates their interest in alternative treatments.

Get The Word Out

If you read our page about why doctors can't prescribe good medicine* and you would like to get this information out,


If you read my page about how The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is misleading the public* about their testing of Cancell (Cantron or Protocel), and don't think that NCI should be allowed to get away with this, please considering performing the three simple steps on this web page* to easily tell people about alternative cancer treatments.

Dangerous Legislation

Every year or so, the 600 lobbyists in Washington that work for the pharmaceutical companies, try to push through another bill that would prevent our access to alternative treatments. To learned what you can do to stop legislation that will deny us health freedom, go to the Legislation section of the "What Happened to Good Medicine?" page.

Real Cancer Research

Linus Pauling PhD (Two-time Nobel Prize winner) summed up cancer research better than anyone, "Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud and that the major cancer research organizations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them." We had to remove the only reliable cancer research foundation we had found because they went out of business. Honesty is no longer a profitable business strategy.

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About The Webmaster

Paul Winter* is the webmaster and main writer for To read a bit more about his background click his name.

Paul is available for radio interviews and has appeared on a number of such as well as TV. His most recent interview was on the Boston AM station WBNW. Paul is currently on sabbatical, but is answering email.

Letters to the Webmaster

I have devoted a large part of my available time since 1997 to help clarify alternative cancer information and help cancer patients make the right choices.  It has been a significant sacrifice, but letters like those found on my Letters to the Webmaster* page have made it all worthwhile.

Paul Winter

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