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Most people select an alternative treatment because it worked for a friend or because their research showed that it was the "best" treatment. Although these selection methods have some merits, they ignore an individual's unique body chemistry.

Most alternative cancer treatments work on less than half the people who try them. Therefore, it is imperative to:

  • Be ready to try a couple of alternative treatments.
  • Pre-determine how long you want to take a treatment before assessing its effectiveness.
  • Test treatments on yourself using the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology). Taking a treatment and waiting for results is time consuming and expensive. Using the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) as described in the second paragraph of this page** in "An End to All Disease" is fast and inexpensive.

This type of testing is unfamiliar to most people. Therefore, if you are not familiar with Applied or Behavioral Kinesiology also called muscle testing, read the Principles of Operation section to see that the principles behind the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) are indeed well established.

Order the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) | Table of Contents

The sensitivity of the human energy
field to medicines is a scientific
fact and you can use it.

Two Week Remission

Although I don't promote the use of testimonials for treatment selection (which is why the treatment name is not included below), this email demonstrates how a person can use a Muscle Test Kit to find the right treatment.

Hi Paul,
10 Dec 09

Quick update - after the two chemo cycles and no change to the main tumor and the surrounding metastases which had confounded the doc's. Had a Pet Scan Tues 12/8 in Albuquerque.  Had started the treatment we selected using your Test Kit the day after we talked to you (2 capsules 3x/day).  Put on the pendant the day we received it. 

Got Pet scan results today - all spots on lung gone, and main tumor had shrunk 99% - !  We are ecstatic! Doctors were totally surprised - (I wasn't - that was essentially my prediction) - so we are staying the course on the alt treatment, sunshine (we've "moved outdoors"), the Calli tea, and the pendant!  We're so thankful to you for all your help and encouragement!

The electronic cigarettes are helping - they really do help us minimize the real cigarettes craving - but not totally yet - we are persisting however!

Hope springs eternal!  The doctors didn't say the word "spontaneous remission", but after small cell lung cancer covering one whole lung to 99% gone - that is certainly what I am calling it!!

Thanks so much!
Mary Ellen & JR
New Mexico

Extra Background
JR was diagnosed 22 Sept 09 with stage III small cell lung cancer with about 90% of one lung involved. He tried chemo, but it had no effect. The above email was received only two weeks after starting to:

Why Use a Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology)

This type of testing has two functions:

  • To present an alternative method of treatment selection that takes the patients body chemistry and energy into account.
  • To help people avoid treatment conflicts.

Conventional treatment selection methods used by doctors have serious flaws. Such methods are examined in detail on The Solution* page.

Treatment Conflicts

From 1997 to 2001 hundreds of case histories were collected through the former web site, The Cancell Home page. They showed that more than 30% of the responders took substances that were known to conflict with each other. Here is an example of why it is impossible to anticipate all the conflicts between different supplements:

In 1998, based on an analysis by a Ph.D. chemist with years of experience with Cancell (Cantron or Protocel), supplements Pau d'arco and Germanium-132 were believed to increase the performance of Cancell. Years later, in February of 2005, electrodermal testing of Protocel (a trade name of Cancell) found that Pau d'arco and Germanium-132 interfered with Protocel's performance when all three were taken together.

Using the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology)
Although it is impossible to predict the possible conflicts between alternative treatments and other substances, a person can use the Alternative Cancer Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) to test for conflicts between everything that they are taking and the alternative cancer treatments they are considering. The advantage of of this type of testing is that it takes the unique body chemistry of the person into account.

Order the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) | Table of Contents

Why Purchase a Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology)

To perform this type of testing, you must obtain a sample of each treatment. If purchased separately, even in the smallest amounts available, the 12 treatments presented on this web site would cost more than $800. However, you can purchase a Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) containing 12 vials imprinted with the energy signature of those treatments for only $48.

Using the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) with a cancer patient can increase his or her interest in alternatives.

Principles of Operation

The principles used by the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) are more main-stream than first appears. The internationally renowned author and speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer** had this to say about the related book "Power vs. Force" by Dr. David Hawkins, "Perhaps the most important and significant book I've read in the past ten years." The main subject of this book is the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) principle of operation.

The first two sentences of Chapter One:

"The evolution of this work, which began in 1965, was fostered by developments in numerous scientific fields, but a few of them were of special importance. Clinical research on the psychology of the nervous system and a holistic functioning of a human organism resulted in the development in the 1970s of the new science of (Behavioral) Kinesiology."

The principle of operation behind the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) is Behavioral Kinesiology.

Order the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) | Table of Contents

Behavioral Kinesiology

If you have ever had a chiropractor test your strength by holding your arm out while you held a sample of some substance, you have experienced Behavioral Kinesiology. Behavioral Kinesiology is often called Kinesiology, applied Kinesiology, or muscle testing as in the quote above. It is based on two scientifically proven but little known facts:

  • Every food or medicine has a unique energy signature.
  • Our bodies respond to this energy signature in testable ways.

All the books shown on the page are about using muscle testing. This is a well established modality, but still too few people are aware it.

Order the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) | Table of Contents

Historical Development

In the 1950s Doctor Reinhold Voll (picture on right) performed experiments** that measured the electrical characteristics of acupuncture points (now called electrodermal testing). He found that these electrical characteristics changed when a food or substance was placed near a person. The positive or negative change indicated the patients reaction as if they had taken the substance.

Enter Behavioral Kinesiology
In 1964, Dr George Goodheart DC discovered that testing the strength of a muscle could be used to gather information about the body. Since that time muscle testing has been widely used by conventional doctors, chiropractors, and everyday people.

In the 1970s, John Diamond, M.D. found that a person's strength was affected by nearby substances, see the yellow and red book to the right. The field of Behavioral Kinesiology was born. Behavioral Kinesiology is a type of muscle testing, but not the same as Applied Kinesiology used for diagnosis. Not surprisingly, in 1997 Dr. Diamond wrote a book on cancer (see "Cancer" on the right). To learn more about Behavioral Kinesiology you can:


and Dr. Daimond's 1000
page cancer book:

To learn how to use the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) for Behavioral Kinesiology, go to the " Perform Your Own Testing" section a screen below.

Since Doctor Voll's work, machines that can measure our response to substances have greatly improved. These machines are generally called neurofeedback machines and some have the name EVA (Electro-Acupuncture According to Voll). The machines are used by holding a probe from the machine to one of your acupuncture points. When you hold a sample of an alternative cancer treatment, the machine records your response. Besides using these machines, you can use muscle testing to test yourself. See Perform Your Own Testing.

Order the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) | Table of Contents

Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) Proof

The test procedure included with the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) has an impressive method to made doubly sure that you found the best treatment based on the patient's body. It makes performing the test procedure one of the most proactive ways to interest someone in alternative cancer treatments.

The Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) instructs you to ask two questions as you touch each treatment vial:

The same treatment should be found to be the best treatment using both of these questions. Try to keep the treatment labels facing down so no one knows which is which.

Order a Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) to Test $800 Worth of Treatments

The Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) comes with illustrated instructions for energetically testing your response to the 12 alternative cancer treatments in the Comparison table on the Home page and listed below. To individually purchase the smallest size of these treatments would cost over $800.

Beta Glucan
Cesium Chloride

Emulsified Vitamin A
Ellagic Acid
Essiac Tea
Hydrazine Sulfate

Laetrile B-17
Paw Paw

Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) ...$48

Refund Policy
If not satisfied for any reason, you can return the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) for a full refund less the modest shipping fee if returned within 30 days.

How to Order
To order a Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) use the Order buttons below. Click here to email a question about the Test Kit. Your email address (optional during the order process) is used for shipment notification only, it will not be used for promotions or given to any one else.

Shipping and Sales Tax
First Class air mail in the United States is $4. International airmail is $11. Only Arizona residents have to pay sales tax.

Save $5 off the regular price of the Hypnosis CD when ordering a Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology). Order the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) and CD from the Hypnosis CDs and Spontaneous Remission page. No additional shipping charge.

The Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) and the CDs are made in the United States by or
for Cheri DeShaw
753 north Main St. D-2 Cottonwood, AZ.
To learn more about Winter Goals go to "The Company" section of the About page.

To order securely, click one of the order buttons on the right.

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The Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology),
for $48



Samples of perishable substances, such as milk, are needed for some types of allergy therapy. This creates a stocking nightmare because normal samples spoil very quickly. To solve this problem, the industry developed a method to transfer the energy signature of any substance into a stable holding medium, deionized water. The process is called imprinting. It produces energetically identical samples and is accepted by the College of Applied Kinesiology, chiropractors, and Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique practitioners. Building the Muscle Test Kits is a manual process using only the imprinting device shown on the right. No assembly machinery is used which could interfere with the energy signatures in the vials.

AMS - Wave Transfer** Imprinting Device used to make the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) vials.

Order the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) | Table of Contents

How to Use the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology)

The Muscle Test Kits all you need to complete your testing, however it is recommended that you read the Principles of Operation section before reading this section. Also read a bit about vibrational medicine, vibrational healing, energy medicine, or subtle energies.

There are a number of methods for measuring the response of your body to the Muscle Test Kit samples. These methods break down into two groups:

Practitioner Methods

Most practitioners only test for compatibility between you and your supplements. If you are going to use a practitioner to find the best treatment out of the twelve in the Muscle Test Kit, you need to have them follow the procedure in the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) instructions.

There are two types of practitioners who can help you to use a Muscle Test Kit including:

  • Machine Practitioners. Using machines is the most accurate way to measure your response to a treatment sample. Although such accuracy is not really needed, it does offer an additional level of confidence. There are different machines such as neurofeedback machines that can perform this type of testing. Most of these machines work the same way. They are based on the work of Doctor Reinhold Voll (see the Principles of Operation).

A Typical Neurofeedback Machine

The practitioner places sensors at different locations on your body. When you hold a sample, your response is indicated on the machine by the movement of a gauge or changes in a digital readout. If you respond positively to a treatment the reading is high. If the treatment conflicts with your body chemistry or has a conflict with something you are currently taking,, the reading is low. The same is true for yes and no answers such as "Is this the best treatment in the group?" Before asking this question you must put your hands on the entire group of treatments or vials and say, "I want to find the best cancer treatment for me among these."

See Locate a Practitioner.

Order the Muscle Test Kit | Table of Contents

Perform Your Own Testing

You can use muscle testing and get accurate, verifiable results. The results of of muscle testing is so impressive that it is likely to interest a cancer patient to more seriously consider trying safe alternatives before chemo. Performing this testing with a friend or relative who has cancer is one of the most proactive ways to present alternatives. Performing the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) procedure with a cancer patient is one of the few cancer related activities you can do together and it is likely to increase their interest in alternative treatments.


Strength Testing with a Helper This method is performed by having the helper (tester) test the strength of the patient while the patient holds each treatment sample. The tester asks the patient, "is this the best treatment for you?" and then pushes down on the patients outstretched arm.

Some patients will have more accurate readings by having the tester pull a finger through the junction of two of the patient's fingertips while the patient tries to keep the junction closed. The finger ring can be made with the thumb and any other finger, see the picture on the right. This is also useful when the patient is bedridden.

For a typical experience, see " Using the Muscle Testing Procedure that Comes with the Kit" in the Typical Experiences section.

The Simplified Strength Test

Single Person Testing

You can ask yes and no questions of your body such as "Is this the best treatment for me" for each treatment sample.

To order the Muscle Test Kit), return to Ordering.

Order the Muscle Test Kit | Table of Contents

Typical Experiences

The Typical Experiences section has been expanded into its own page. Click here to go to the Typical Experiences page*. Your back button always works on

Order the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) | Table of Contents

Locate a Practitioner

Use one of these sources to locate a Behavioral Kinesiology practitioner also know as Applied Kinesiology practitioners or muscle tester:


Doctors who have studied plant-based medicines used to be the only doctors in the United States. Now, due to the tremendous wealth of the pharmaceutical companies, almost nobody even knows about these real traditional doctors whose treatments have no dangerous side effects. National directories: Naturopaths** also Naturopaths** (search for Naturopaths) and AANP’s Directory**.


One of the oldest traditions of energy workers are dowsers. These are the people that use a forked stick to locate underground water. Dowsing is considered a form of Behavioral Kinesiology. Success in finding water prompted dowsers to develop other methods to use this phenomenon. Today, dowsers use a pendulum** to obtain answers to body energy related questions. It is not the pendulum that has the answer. The answer lies in the brilliant subconscious of the dowser (we all have brilliant subconsciouses). The pendulum is only a tool to sense what the subconscious knows. To locate a dowser**.

Machine Practitioners

There are a number of machines that can perform this type of testing. This type of testing is easy for machines because our bodies respond so strongly to the energy signatures of medications. With most machines, you can obtain a numerical value for each sample you hold.

The directory resources below can help you find a practitioner near you. If you are unable to locate a local practitioner, I, Paul Winter have a Quantum Life machine and can perform this work remotely regardless of where you are located. Actually, all machine practitioners are able to perform remotely. Visit my Energy Balance pages.

EPFX (QXCI)/SCIO Machine Practitioners
For an online directory go to the Quantum Quest Gallery or call toll free 866 388-3901

Quantum LIFE Machine Practitioners
The mission statement of the Quantum Life company. For the Quantum LIFE directory of practitioners call or toll free 877 711-3113

StarTech Health Machines
StarTech Health Orem, UT USA. Call (not toll free) 801 229-2500

Other Practitioners with Machines
There are a number of practitioners some of whom may use these machines, but you may have to call quite a few before you find a practitioner who has or knows of someone with a machine. Example of these practitioners (links to directories): Chiropractors **, Naturopaths (see their own section above), more Health Professionals** including Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Naturopaths, and Nutritionist/Dietitians.

Having trouble? If you are having trouble finding a practitioner who can use the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology):

Testing for Animals

To test an animal, you can use a human as a surrogate. The surrogate performs the procedure that comes with the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) with one hand while the hand holding the treatment rests on the animal. Here is an example of testing on animals Using a Surrogate**.

Thanks to visitor Teesh for this information. Thank my old dogs Edward and Romie for standing still for two seconds.

"Nobody said anything about a test."

Order the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) | Table of Contents

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