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Cancell-like products Cantron* and Protocel* (on this web site "Cancell" refers to both of these products since they are so similar) gained popularity in the 1980s. Since then thousands of people have successfully used this treatment for cancer and had some extremely positive side effects. One side effect was the reduction of blood pressure. Some users were actually scheduled for angioplasty surgery, but the surgery was postponed in order to treat the cancer. After Cancell had removed their cancer, they pursued their old clogged artery problem only to find that their arteries were no longer clogged.

As a result of the above described side effect, Medical Research Products of Miami, the manufacturer of Cantron, initiated an antioxidant study of Cantron and Protocel. The study was performed by two independent laboratories, Brunswick and Cayman Laboratories. The research project was overseen by Daniel Hetrick, PhD. The research report was compiled by Jerome Godin the manufacturer of Cantron who also funded the study. Cantron and Protocel are competitive products.


According to this study, Cancell-like products, Cantron and Protocel are the world's most effective free radical scavenger (antioxidant). Independent laboratory tests demonstrate that Cancell is:

 Over 25 times more powerful than OPCs, the previous best antioxidant against peroxyl radicals.
 Over 45 times more powerful than Gallic acid, the previous best antioxidant against hydroxyl radicals.

These are the two most destructive and difficult to defeat free radicals. This makes Cancell the only antioxidant to be effective against both of these free radicals. Cancell also blocked the formation of all superoxide radicals in the test system. Superoxide radicals are dangerous, but fairly easy to defeat. To read the complete story download this study by Medical Research Products in PDF format. The  HORAC and ORAC scores (the recognized antioxidant criteria) can be found on page 11 and 12.

Contradicts NCI Test Summary

Even though people have been using OPCs for years as a cancer treatment, the FDA had to be taken to court to allow supplement manufacturers to say that antioxidant vitamins play a role in fighting off cancer. See the cover story of the April 2003 edition of LE Magazine "A New Day at FDA?"**

The antioxidant test results above fly in the face of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) test summary statement "the mixture lacked substantial anticancer activity.” During the short two day NCI test, designed for fast working chemotherapy agents, Cancell reduced the mass of half of the 60 tumors tested by 80% or more. People usually feel the horrible reaction from chemo immediately after their first dose, but it can take weeks before people notice the effects of Cancell which is know as a slow acting treatment. Follow this link to see summary tables* of weight reduction from NCI’s own test sheets and a rebuttal of their statements about cell kill rates.

Anti-tumor Dosage

For complete anti-tumor activity, Cancell needs to maintain a fairly consistent level in your body. Therefore a quarter of a teaspoon is needed every four to six hours. For complete protocol information start with this Preliminaries page.

Antioxidant Dosage

When taking a quarter of a teaspoon of Cancell once or twice a day, it will provide strong antioxidant performance. However, it will not be effective against tumors. To be effective against tumors, you must take it every four to six hours. After four hours Cantron is mostly gone from your bloodstream. A quarter of a teaspoon will saturate a person's body with Cancell. Taking more then a quarter of a teaspoon at any one time will not increase the effect of Cancell.

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