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Cancell-like products, Cantron and Protocel, are safe alternative cancer treatments. They both have the same ingredients, but slightly different ratios of those ingredients. Cantron and Protocel are manufactured by different companies. Ed Sopcak, who coined the name "Cancell" has passed away. There is no product currently sold under the name Cancell.

The Cantron manufacturer, Medical Research Products of Miami, FL, has been in production since 1984. In November of 2008. they once again demonstrated superior care for their clients by completing their development and testing of Cantron in pill form. Technical info on Cantron.

Protocel has been manufactured since 2000. The Protocel people have demonstrated inferior customer support since their product was first released. However, Protocel is more popular than Cantron because people mistakenly believe that the Protocel formula is controlled by the developer or his surviving family. Technical info on Protocel.

How Cancell Works

Both Cantron and Protocel work by reducing the ATP energy (adenosine triphosphate) in each cell of your body. (This is also one of the cancer fighting effects of Paw Paw and Graviola.) Our cells have an electrical potential that effects how the cell processes energy producing substances mostly blood sugar and oxygen from our blood supply (the red area in the graphic below).

By reducing this voltage level from 70 to 110 mv to something in the 50 mv region, normal cells can still function. However, cancer and viral cells cannot process energy at this low voltage level and start to starve. The process of starving is a slower process than being poisoned which is why Cancell works slower than chemo and why there was a dramatic reduction in the weight of tumor cells in the two day NCI test of Cancell, but only a small number of dead cells. Had that test run longer, all the tumor cells that showed such dramatic weight reduction would have starved to death. For more on the NCI test, go to the Comments on the NCI Test Summary for Cancell page.

More information on how Cancell works

Cantron Introduction and Prices

Manufactured by Medical Research Products (MRP), Miami, FL. MRP has been manufacturing Cantron since 1984 when they received the formula from an associate of the developer, James Sheridan. This associates name was Don Wilson. MRP also has the support of the HOPE group (Humanitarian Organization of People for *Entelev) who receives no financial compensation for their efforts.

There are discounts for quantity, but these are the basic prices:

One month supply (8 ounces of liquid Cantron) $60
Four month supply (32 ounces of liquid Cantron) $190

One month supply of pills* $99
Four month supply of pills (four bottles) $299

Cantron Refund Policy
They offer a full refund even on opened bottles regardless of how long ago you purchased it. For detailed protocols and ordering information, proceed to the Cantron Alternative Cancer Treatment page.

*Entelev was the name that the developer, James Sheridan used.

Protocel Introduction and Prices

Manufactured since April 2000 by an undisclosed company and distributed by Renewal & Wellness, LLC Simpsonville, South Carolina. They have two versions of Protocel, JVS-23 and EJS-50.

16 oz. of Protocel 23 is $178

8 oz. of Protocel 23 is $93

16 oz. of Protocel 50 is $212

8 oz. of Protocel 50 is $108

Analysis of the two formulas indicate that the following lists represent the better of the two formulas to start with:

Formula 23
Formula 50

Auto-immune diseases
Bladder cancer
Brain tumors (primary)*
Kidney cancer
Multiple melanoma
Prostate cancer
Wilmes tumor
Autoimmune disorders
Crohn's disease
MS (Multiple sclerosis)
Pets with any condition
Viral infections
Weak kidneys

Cervical cancer
Colon cancer
Esophageal cancer
Liver cancer (primary)
Lung cancer
Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
Pancreatic cancer
Rhabdoid brain tumors
Stomach cancer
Squamous cell cancer
Throat cancer
Uterine cancer

* Use 23 for six weeks then switch to 50.

The table is from the "Protocel and Cancer" ebook by Tanya Harter Pierce MA, MFCC downloadable for $20 from the Outsmart Your Cancer web site.

Protocel Refund Policy
Shipping in the continental United States and Canada is $8. No refund if either:

  • The bottle is open.
  • Protocel was ordered more than 30 days ago.
  • You fail to notify them by phone prior to returning the product.

A 10% restocking fee is subtracted from the amount returned. For Protocel ordering information, proceed to the How People Order section at the bottom of the Protocel Alternative Cancer Treatment page.

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