. Cantron How Ordered

There are two steps that people use when ordering Cantron:

Protocols Are Critical

Before ordering, read all the Cancell (bands names Cantron and Protocel) protocols; you may not be able to perform some critical part and should therefore not use Cantron. Go to one of these pages for protocols (at the bottom of these protocol pages, you will find a Return to How People Order Cantron link):

There are many things to consider before ordering Cantron, such as thyroid medication, vitamins, and minerals...that may interfere. It can get confusing. If you need personalized help

Paul Winter now
offers phone consultations.

Insure Success
Almost every cancer patient uses more than one alternative cancer treatment. The most successful use at least one that was selected by their body. After you order Cantron, learn how to ask you body to select another cancer treatment using Behavioral Kinesiology*. Such testing only takes about ten minutes and you will learn how to test many things, but most important it solves the treatment selection problem:

The answer to finding the best treatment lies within the patient's own body. Go to the Alternative Cancer Test Kit* page to learn how to get the answer from the patient's body.

Contact the Distributor

Cantron is Manufactured by Medical Research Products (MRP), Miami, FL. MRP has been manufacturing Cantron since 1984 when they received the formula from an associate of the developer, James Sheridan. This associates name was Don Wilson. MRP also has the support of the HOPE* group (Humanitarian Organization of People for Entelev) who receives no financial compensation for their efforts. Entelev is the original name for Cancell which later became Cantron and Protocel.

There are discounts for quantity, but these are the basic prices:

One month supply (8 ounces of liquid Cantron) $60
Four month supply (32 ounces of liquid Cantron) $190

One month supply of pills* $99
Four month supply of pills (four bottles) $299

*One month supply of pills is 180 vegetable caps containing 350 mg of freeze dried Cantron.

People order Cantron pills or liquid (large size only) from the manufacturer's web site: Medical Research Products** or by calling toll-free (800) 443-3030 to order all products including the small size liquid.

Outside USA they call 305 628-0981 Fax: 305 628-2091 East coast business hours. The small size liquid is available by phone, but not online. Mailing Address: MRP, 3960 NW 167th St., Miami, FL 33054 Email: Gary Godin

Shipping is $8 for any quantity to anywhere in the United States. They also ship internationally U.S. Express Mail Int. (Best Way), FedEx, DHL or UPS with no handling fees.

Shipping supplements overseas yourself? See the Overseas* page for tips.

Refund Policy
They offer a full refund even on opened bottles regardless of how long ago you purchased it. MRP seems to have better shipping expertise.

The Best Present

Without a doubt the best present you can give a cancer patient is a spontaneous remission, consider learning about good and bad hypnosis CDs and spontaneous remissions. Click the CD.

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