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This web site is not intended to provide medical advice to anyone regarding the type of cancer treatment they should use. This web site simply provides educational information about various cancer treatments. The decision to take alternative or conventional treatments is your responsibility. It is never the choice of a doctor, health advisor, or writer. It is your body and anyone who tells you what treatment to take instead of providing information about all your treatment options and letting you decide, is abusing their position.

A patient should realize that delaying the use of conventional treatments can reduce the effectiveness of these treatments. This is because most conventional treatments have dangerous side effects so their use must be limited. For example, if you delay the use of chemo to shrink a tumor, the tumor may grow to a size that would require more chemo than you can safely take. This is not true for most alternative treatments which can usually be given for years without dangerous side effects.

To complicate matters, taking conventional treatments before using alternative treatments, can often reduce the effectiveness of the alternative treatments. This is because conventional treatments, such as chemo and radiation often create so much damage to a person's body that the body is too weak to support the use of alternative treatments.

With such complications to consider, smart patients are making treatment decisions in a relaxed, pressure-free environment. A doctor's office is far from a pressure-free environment. Smart patients are making treatment decision at home, alone without anyone around to make the decision excessively emotional and with all their information at their fingertips.

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