Before using the Comparison table to compare treatments, read the "Types of Cancer" section to see how little influence the type of cancer has on the best treatment for a patient.

Types of Cancer

Although conventional medicine would have us believe that there is a big difference between the different types of cancers (thus helping to mystify the disease), this contradicts the most basic observations. Most cancer tumors are only partly cancer cells. As the percent of cancer cells increases, cancer tumors begin to look more and more alike. This supports the 100 year old Trophoblast Theory of Cancer* which has never been disproved and which states that cancer is the growth of nondiferentiated fast growing healing cells (Trophoblasts) that the pancreas has failed to control.

The success or failure of an alternative cancer treatment seems to have more to do with the treatments compatibility with a person's energy or body chemistry than it has to do with cancer type or extent of the cancer. To learn how to use energy or body chemistry to determine the best alternative cancer treatment, go to the Test Kit* page.

More on types of cancer can be found in the Types of Cancer* section on the "Compare Treatments" page.

It is a fairly universal feature of alternative cancer treatments that they are equally effective on almost all types of cancers. When using the Comparison Table, click on the Effectiveness number to see what types of cancers a particular treatment is ineffective against. If there is no such list, the treatment is considered generally effective against all types of cancers.

The following is a partial list of common cancers that have been successfully treated with alternative cancer treatments:

Bladder Cancer
Breast Cancer*
Colon and Rectal Cancer
Endometrial Cancer
Kidney (Renal Cell) Cancer (Nonmelanoma)
Lung Cancer

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
Pancreatic Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Ovarian Cancer
Skin Cancer
Thyroid Cancer

*Mesothelioma** is the cancer caused by exposure to asbestos.  A new book “Surviving Mesothelioma and Other Cancers: A Patient’s Guide” describes how one mesothelioma victim survived his diagnoses without chemo, radiation or surgery. He used a number of alternative modalities including intravenous Vitamin C.**

Cancer cells obtain their energy from fermentation. Normal cells obtain their energy from oxygenation (except muscle cells when they are completely exhausted). This is a tremendous difference. Alternative cancer treatments such as Cancell and Paw Paw target this difference. Conventional cancer medications target fast growing cells. Our immune system contains mostly fast-growing cells. The worst thing to do when you are sick is to destroy your immune system.

Stomach Cancer and Helicobacter Pylori

Perhaps stomach cancer should get special attention.  There appears to be a link between stomach cancer and the bacteria, helicobacter pylori, which causes ulcers.  According to the Trophoblast Theory of Cancer**, anything that repeatedly causes injury and requires the body to go into a chronic healing mode, is likely to cause cancer.  A Chinese study which was conducted for more than seven years, studied over 1600 people with helicobacter pylori.  None of the patients who were given antibiotics for their helicobacter pylori developed stomach cancer.  Six of the patients who were given a placebo did developed stomach cancer.

Two Other Special Cancers

Two cancers have their own pages primarily because of the hormone dependence of some cancers of this type:

For the Scientific the Similarity of all Cancer Tumors

This web site, was recommended, by an Australian cancer support group, to doctors and oncologists. To address such technical readers, the following highly technical information regarding the similarity of all cancer tumors is presented:

"Correlatively, the Coris find the lactic acid and sugar content of the various exhibitions of cancer to be highly uniform. Williams and his co-workers report a pronounced degree of uniformity in the concentration of eight B vitamins in a great variety of animal and human tumors, regardless of the tissue of origin or the manner of their induction." Cori, C.F., and Cori, C.J.:J. Biol. Chem., 64:11, 1925

"Shack describes an almost complete uniformity in cytochrome oxidase content in a number of mouse tumors." Shack, J.: J. Natl. Cancer Inst. 3:389, 1943 "Maver and Barrett describe substantial evidence for an immunological uniformity among malignant tumors.

"Greenstein reports an impressive degree of uniformity in enzyme concentration among malignant tissues, regardless of their means of induction, tissue of origin or species of origin." Greenstein, J.P.: Symposium on Cancer, A.A.A.S. Research Conference on Cancer, ed. F.R.Moulton, Am. Assoc. Advancement of Science, Washington, D.C., 1945, p. 192

Why Treatments Often Fail

This section is now on the Home page.*

Comparison Table Components

You can use the Comparison Table below to find the alternative cancer treatment that looks the best on paper, but also explore Enzymes* to apply a realistic value to the information in the table.

Studies and Papers Columns

The ratings on the Studies, Quality of Papers, and Conclusiveness of Papers columns for an alternative cancer treatment is not always an accurate reflection of the quality of the treatment. For example, Cancell (Cantron or Protocel) has a high success rate and many beneficial side-effects, but it was developed by someone in his home laboratory. This put Cancell out of the usual research loop. This prevents college researchers from even hearing about Cantron and Protocel. Therefore, there are very few Cantron or Protocel studies or papers. Cancell was available in the 1950s for testing, but it wasn't until 2003 that even its antioxidant ability was tested. It was the most powerful side effect free antioxidant ever tested.

Conflicts are Found under the Compatibility Column

If a treatment conflicts with other treatments, vitamins or herbs, they are listed in the Compatibility section of the web page for that treatment. To go to the Compatibility section of the treatment your are interested in, click the number in the Compatibility column.


The colors in this table may not print, click here for a printer-friendly version*.

Table Mechanics

In the following table, each of the 12 treatments is assigned a row. Ranking numbers of a treatment are listed in the table cells to the right of the treatment name. The number in each cell represents the performance of the cancer treatment for the attribute defined in the column heading. The number ratings are:

  • 8 to 10 - the treatment is above average in this category (the table cell color is green)
  • 5 to 7 - the treatment is average in this category (the table cell color is yellow)
  • 3 to 4 - the treatment is poor in this category (the table cell color is pink)
  • 1 to 2 - the treatment is very poor in this category (the table cell color is red)

You can click any column heading for a pop-up explanation of that column. After clicking a number in a table cell, you will be transferred to the related section on the page for that treatment. If you are not taken to the correct section, use the Table of Contents near the top of that page.

Ordering Treatments and Supplements

We supply links and phone numbers to order the products in the Comparison table, we do not sell them. This assures you of complete impartiality. To find ordering information for a product in the Comparison table:

  1. Click the Monthly Cost number of the treatment in which you are interested.  You will go to the "Monthly Cost" section on the page for that treatment.
  2. Scroll down to the section titled "Order XXX " where XXX is the name of the treatment .
  3. Follow the instructions in that section.


(Clicking on any treatment in this column will transfer you to the top of the page for that treatment.)

714x (T)
Cantron (Cancell-like T)
MGN-3 (P S)
Paw Paw (P T)
Protocel (Cancell-like T)

P = Plant based medicine, sometimes called natural cancer treatments
S = Supplement (see Supplements vs Treatments below)
T = Treatment (see Supplements vs Treatments below)

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Other Treatments and Supplements

Germanium 132* to deliver extra oxygen to cells. Popular with Cantron and Protocel users.
Ozone* conflicts with Cantron, Graviola, Paw Paw and Protocel.
Pancreatic enzymes* (Megazyme Forte or Wobenzym) needed by all cancer patients, no conflicts.

Supplements vs Treatments

You may have read that there are hundreds of alternative treatments, this information has caused a lot of confusion among people who want to try alternative cancer treatments. There is a difference between alternative cancer treatments and supplements that have some anti-cancer effect:

  • Alternative cancer treatments work directly on cancer cells. 
  • Supplements aid your body to make it more healthy and leave it up to the body to take care of the cancer.

Use Differences
If an alternative cancer treatment does not show signs of eliminating cancer cells, the smart patient stops taking it and tries another.  They know that there is no reason to continue an alternative cancer treatment that is not working and there are undetectable compatibility issues that make good sense to discontinue an alternative cancer treatment that is not working. It makes more sense to stop one treatment and start on a new one than taking a collection of treatments that may be interfering with each other.

On the other hand, the "cocktail" approach for preventing a person's cancer from developing treatment resistance has gained popularity. The olny tool for asking your body which alternative cancer treatments it feels are the best is the Test Kit*.

It is reasonable to continue taking something that is strengthening the body even if cancer cells are not being eliminated.  Therefore, smart patients continue to take a non-conflicting supplement even if the cancer does not seem to be in remission.

Manufacturers Create this Confusion
Most alternative cancer treatments cannot be patented, therefore no company can afford the millions required for the FDA clinical trials. The FDA does not allow anyone to make medical claims about a treatment unless the treatment has had an FDA approved clinical trial. Therefore manufacturers make statements about their alternative cancer treatment that make the treatment sound like a nutritional supplement and rely on word of mouth and web sites like this to identify their product as a treatment. 

For example, the Paw Paw manufacturer calls Paw Paw a "cell regulator" not a cancer treatment even though it has been studied and developed as a cancer treatment for almost twenty years.

Tools for Cancer Patients

This web site only sells tools to support cancer patients. They differ from treatments and supplements (for which we provide links) in that they are not medicines. The list of tools for cancer offered on this web site has been moved to its own page*.

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