To read about its compatibility with other treatments, click the alternative cancer treatment you are interested in (information about manufacturers is at the bottom of these pages):

Beta Glucan
Cesium Chloride
Emulsified Vit A
Ellagic Acid
Essiac Tea
Hydrazine Sulfate
Laetrile B-17
Paw Paw

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Make sure that you have read the important Conflict Connection text which is located in a few places on this site:

Conflict Connection
When using alternative cancer treatments, the greatest threat to your success will be treatment conflicts. Some vitamins, minerals, and even herbs are known to conflict with different alternative cancer treatments. From 1997 to 2001 this web site collected hundreds of case histories. They showed that more than 30% of the responders took substances that conflicted with each other.

to a read a popup about a recently uncovered confict. It is a perfect example of the difficulty of predicting conficts. You can use energy medicine to test for conflicts the same way you can test treatments against your body chemistry, use the Alternative Cancer Treatments Test Kit*.

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