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Conventional Treatment Selection Is Not Even Right for Groups and It is Certainly Wrong for an Individual

After diagnosis, most conventional doctors prescribe the newest treatment for that type of cancer. Often, the newest treatments are only slightly better than older treatments. The "slightly better" treatment might be the right decision for a large group of patients, but you are an individual. When you understand the difference this makes, you can make a much better treatment choice. The newest conventional treatments are the most dangerous. Five years after being put on the market, 50% of new treatments are removed due to side effects.

Type of Cancer

Although conventional medicine would have us believe that there is a big difference between the different types of cancers (thus helping to mystify the disease), this contradicts the most basic observations. Many cancer tumors are only partly cancer cells. As the percent of cancer cells increases, cancer tumors begin to look more and more alike. This supports the 100 year old Trophoblast Theory of Cancer** which has never been disproved and which states that cancer is the growth of nondiferentiated fast growing healing cells (Trophoblasts) that the pancreas has failed to control.

Treatment Results

If you look closely at a group of patients that took a specific cancer treatment, you would find a distribution something like this:

Don't forget that everybody's body chemistry is different which dictates:

For each different treatment, different people will have the "very well" result.

Example: If there are 8 treatments with effectiveness ranging from 22% to 28%, two of those eight treatments will work for you. Selecting the treatment with the 28% success rate does not help you find those two treatments. In other words, selecting the "slightly better" treatment does nothing to help you find the right treatments for your body.


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