Can Patients or Care Providers Make Better Treatment Decisions than Doctors?

Most chemo is life-threatening. Even so, doctors will not tell patients about alternative cancer treatments. The irony of this is that alternative cancer treatments are better than conventional treatments. For example, in laboratory tests, Paw Paw has been proven to be effective against a wide range of cancer cells cells including multiple drug resistant (MDR) cancer cells. Chemo has no effect on MDR cells which are present in most tumors and are a major cause of reoccurrence. Still doctors will not tell patients about Paw Paw. Also, doctors will not give patients complete information about the side effects of chemo because they believe that by doing so the patient will experience more side effects. This is actually a well known phenomena.

The method conventional doctors use to select treatments is seriously flawed, see the Conventional Treatment Selection* page (your Back button will bring you right back to here).

Why Doctors Will Not Tell You About Alternatives

Most alternative cancer treatments are plant based and therefore cannot be patented. If a treatment is not patented, it cannot generate enough money to pay for the very expensive FDA required clinical trials. Doctors are not allowed to prescribe treatments that have not had the FDA approved clinical trial. Also, in most states, it is a felony for a doctor to even talk about alternative cancer treatments. Laws like this get passed because there are over 600 registered lobbyists working for pharmaceutical companies and they have a great deal of money to "contribute" to the campaign of state and federal legislators. Alternatives are safe because all supplements must have the relatively inexpensive toxicity test performed.

Hundreds of pages of information about alternative cancer treatments have been summarized in the Comparison Table (thumbnail on left). Every cell in the table rates an aspect of one of 12 alternative cancer treatments. Click on any cell to view the details on that aspect of the treatment. Just one look at that table will give you more information on alternative cancer treatments than any doctor is likely to give a patient even if they use the "Tough Questions to Ask Your Doctor*". A patient can also use the Alternative Cancer Test Kit, available on this web site to energetically test alternative cancer treatments on themselves (better than an informational comparison).

So, can a patient or care provider of average intelligence use this web site to make a better treatment decision than a doctor who is gagged by pharmaceutical industry controlled legislation?

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