Alternative Doctors are Persecuted

Alternative Doctors are Persecuted

The following three stories demonstrate how aggressively conventional medicine persecutes doctors that prescribe alternative treatments.

A Story of Three Persecutions

In 1994 New York alternative healthcare advocates helped pass the Alternative Medical Practice Act designed to help guarantee that people would have access to alternative medical doctors by barring the State of New York from taking away the licenses of Alternative Medical Doctors just because they practiced alternative or non conventional medicine. Despite the passing of this legislation, the Medical Board bureaucrats who found a way to avoid the intent of the law. Alternative medical doctors were once again targeted and eliminated from medicine. Here are three examples:

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Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD of Syracuse was brought up on charges after successfully treating a patient with diabetes using only diet and exercise. In spite of a highly publicized study unveiled by the Secretary of Health & Human Services proving that diet and exercise was more effective than drug treatment. Eventually Dr. Daniels got her license back after it was suspended for two years, but the cost was devastating. The doctor was financially depleted and no medical employer was willing to hire her despite impeccable educational & medical credentials(Harvard BA, University of Pennsylvania MD). She is planning on leaving the country And that is a successful case.

Dr. Rebecca Carley, MD from Hicksville, Long Island successfully pioneered a treatment to reverse the injuries from vaccines such as autism and autism spectrum disorders, which have been growing. Dr. Carley has a public access cable TV show "What's Ailing America; Dr. Carley Responds" in which she was able to reach a larger audience warning of the potential dangers of vaccines and other political issues. Dr. Carley's license was suspended in July 2003. The suspension was solely on the basis of her "psychological impairment". This was an arbitrary attempt to control her speech, both medical and political. Dr. Carley's has been doing nutritional and lifestyle counseling, but is facing severe financial hardship.

Dr. Serafina Corsello, MD was one of the best known alternative practitioners. She was on the first advisory commission advising the Office of Alternative Medicine of the NIH in 1992. She published a book "The Ageless Woman", had two large medical centers one in midtown Manhattan and the other in Huntington, Long Island. She has and continues to lecture all over the country and in many parts of the world on nutrition and women's health. Charges were brought against her for too much testing, use of vitamin therapy, Chelation therapy and diagnosing lead toxicity. Unfortunately her lawyer filed the answer to the charges too late and the state deemed that she admitted to all the charges. Her medical license was revoked.

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Write Not Practice

To avoid such prosecution, doctors who have realized that alternatives are better than pharmaceuticals, often write books or newsletters about alternative treatments. This allows these doctors do what they always wanted: help people conquer their health challenges and keep them safe. These doctors have realized that alternative treatments are easy enough for patients to self-administer as long as the patient is educated regarding possible side effects.

The Current Legislative Situation in California

Currently, it is a felony for a doctor to recommend any alternative cancer treatment. However, at the time of this writing, April 2004 there is a bill in front of the state legislature to legalize the only form of safe cancer treatment, alternative. It is essential that all aware Californians send a letter stating their support for the bill authored by Assembly Member Ray Haynes making it legal for physicians to practice using alternative treatments of cancer.

The letter should be addressed to Assembly Member Ray Haynes, State Capitol and e-mailed, faxed or sent regular mail to our office. We will make copies of the letter to go to members of the committees that will be hearing our bill. When appropriate we will send a copy to your senator and assembly member as the bill moves through different committees. This will give greater support and save staff time for Assemblyman Haynes.

California Citizens for Health Freedom
8048 Mamie Ave. - Oroville, California 95966
Fax (530) 534-5854

The letter can be a simple paragraph stating your support for AB 2393 sponsored by Assembly Member Haynes . If you are a professional, represent an organization, or have a business please use your letterhead.

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