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I am pleased to offer my energy clearing service to all open minded individuals. This work accomplishes two functions:

    • Removes blocks to correct energy flow the same energy flow that is repaired with acupuncture
    • Removes intentionally malignant energy which is more destructive than simple blocks

It is quite possible that you will not feel a change or you may be very emotional the next day. Still, I offer a full refund if you feel that you didn't get full value.

My Training and Background

My method is exactly as taught by the oldest school on the subject, the BPI (Berkeley Psychic Institute) which I attended from 1982 to 1985 with continuing education classes into 2000. If you look that school up on the web you will find individuals claiming that it is a cult and that the skills taught are manipulative. These people must have no skills. I have talked to a few past students of this school and they all felt that the exact same classes that I avoided, needed to be avoided. Real phychics feel the same truth. In every school of this type you will find people trying to use their talents for good and a few charlatans. Unfortunately, it is the charlatans that get the spotlight.

I practiced the rather difficult healing techniques of BPI on myself daily for 12 years and then started working on other people. The people who I worked on were all impressed with the results.


A session costs $20 and is fully refundable. To order a night time energy session:

    • Click on the order button below.
    • In the Shipping Options section of the check out process, select "No Shipping Charge." If you miss that I will catch it.

When I see your order, I will email you and request a picture and a time for the session.
I will not charge your credit card until after the session.

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