Energy medicine is the safest and fastest working medicine. When energy medicine does not work, conventional medicine can produce results because conventional medicine overpowers the body which can cause side effects. Because of these considerations, smart patients try energy medicine first.

Deeper Sleep with EMF Protection

As explained on our EMF Protection page*, the best healing occurs during deep sleep. In deep sleep, your kidneys produce very little urine. So if you are waking in the middle of the night to urinate, you are not sleeping deeply and you are missing a lot of the healing you might need. Learn about the house-wide device that finally gave me the deep sleep I needed.

A heavy box full of sleep
inducing wonder, granteed.

Imprinting Stones

Here is an unsolicited comment from a woman who purchased a pendant:

"I also want to tell you that when the energy pendant arrived last week, I put it on, thinking can't hurt, might help. I was astonished a short time later when I realized that the discomfort in my breasts, which had been present since I had the mammography that led to the diagnosis, had largely subsided. I really had not expected it to do anything. But, it has helped the soreness considerably. "

Annette Gerhardt

Our real medical scientists (not controlled by the pharmaceutical companies) have developed a technology that can measure the energy signature of the human body as it is heals from different diseases. These energy signatures can be stored and transmitted into other bodies (biofeedback) and imprinted into crystal structures such as rock or glass*.

When these energy signatures are transmitted into our bodies or when you wear something that has been imprinted with them, our body reconizes these energy signatures as a way to vibrate in order to become more healthy. If our body wants to heal, it will imitate the vibration of that energy signature and heal itself.

Our energy field is complex. The simple
pulse forms of Rife machines cannot compare.

Imprinted Stones

We charge $35 for either a pendant, bracelet, or necklace.  You can see them and read more about this technology at:


Using a machine to imprint a person with the stored energy signatures of healing from different machines is called Biofeedback*. Click the link to go to the "Energy Balancing/Biofeedback" page and learn more about the future of medicine and how you can use these advances.

The LIFE biofeedback machine


Universal Balance Protection Pendants

Portable protection from cell phones and other EMF generators plus general healing frequencies that will not wear out. Click the pendants to learn more.

Red Jasper

Spiral Wrapped

Energy Work for Block Removal

Most of the energy workers whom I have talked to agree that cancer patients must have a serious energy block that might even be the cause of their cancer. For only $20 I will perform this energy work remotely for anyone who realizes that this is something not to overlook.



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