Here are some experiences of people using neurofeedback or Behavioral Kinesiology.

Using a Machine

Dear Paul,

My sister was having her mercury toxicity level tested at Delicate Balance Health Care located in Milpitas, CA. Delicate Balance has this amazing equipment connected to a computer. Anna took drops of my sister's blood put it in a vial with fluid, put it on the machine. Using a metal "probe" she pressed it into my sister's palm and each tooth gave a reading on the computer of what toxic metals were present there.

We asked Anna if she could perform the test for the Energetic Test Kit. Anna tested each vile in your Energetic Test Kit with her equipment. She put one of your vials in the machine, touched my sister's hand with the metal probe and obtained a reading. She said her equipment tests for allergy, effectiveness, and compatibility. Two vials tested positive for all three. … I really recommend that you let people who order your test kit know about Anna Manayan, if they want to get an exact reading. Please see her web site: Delicate Balance Health Care**.


Taking the Test Kit to a Naturopath

Dear Mr. Winter,

We took the Test Kit to our naturopath on Thursday and he used muscle testing (fingers) on my husband to determine that 5 of the treatments would be beneficial. The Paw Paw provided the strongest response. My husband (now 56 years old) has been dealing with an aggressive prostate cancer for the last 8 years. His radiation seed implant therapy did not work. We have been using alternative treatments for 6 years with quite good success, but his PSA is climbing again. Recent tests showed high cholesterol, high bad cholesterol, high blood sugar, bad liver numbers. The naturopath said all of that shows bad liver function which was confirmed by muscle testing. He then determined what herbal tinctures, supplements and homeopathics would best address the liver function problem. Then, after testing the kit treatments, put each of the 5 "good" treatments with the liver function treatments and found that Paw Paw worked the best with them. We have ordered Paw Paw and our expectation is that my husband's health will be back on track.

What a marvelous web site you have, and the Test Kit is a wonderful tool. But I do agree with our naturopath that you need to address the underlying body system malfunctions in addition to adding a treatment to treat the cancer. ...


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A Professional Muscle Test Reports


I had the opportunity to do some muscle testing with one of your clients, who is taking Paw Paw and Cantron. I have many years of experience in muscle testing and use the method where the client holds the product to his chest, and I test the strength of the arm, that is extended away from the body. First, we tested the actual products he is taking, and both tested very strong.  This confirmed his testing with the muscle testing device, which is included in the test kit. Second, we tested each of the vials and found there were four that tested very strong.  In addition to the Paw Paw and Cantron, the Laetrile B-17 vial and the Hydrazine Sulfate vial also tested very strong. This experience gave the client confidence that he is using the right products and will not be wasting valuable time taking the wrong product.


Our Bodies Respond to Everything

A few years ago, a friend of mine started to experience weakness in his left arm. Conventional doctors were not able to find anything wrong. He went to a doctor who used Behavioral Kinesiology (muscle testing). The doctor went through a collection of samples to test my friends response. When the doctor was over, he said "the only thing you are allergic to is aluminum." My friend said, "Oh, this new watch of mine, which I wear on my left wrist, has an aluminum band." My friend stopped wearing the watch, and his strength returned.

Name withheld at writers request.

My Experience

Although I did not have a test kit when I realized I had cancer, I did have an opportunity to use this type of testing to check out the supplements I was taking a few years ago. Since my swimming team days back in college, I have been taking lots of supplements. I did this because I was able to see the effect of high-dose supplements on my swimming performance which I closely monitored. As the years went by, I added new supplements such CoEnzyme Q10. After a while, I thought that I might be taking too many supplements or that I had a conflict.

I asked a friend of mine to help me perform the Applied Kinesiology test with my supplements to see if there were some that my body didn't like. When the testing was over and I opened my eyes, my friend said this is the only one that tested negative. That was the supplement I had actually stopped taking because I found that it upset my stomach.

Paul Winter

Antibiotics Interfere

The following email from Robert Bowen, demonistrates how an unsuspected medicine (an antiboitic) conflicts with the Test Kit:

Dear Paul,

I e-mailed you several questions about the proper use of the 'test kit' on May 22.  You were very kind and patient with me since I had not followed the instructions as they were written.

I tried the kit several times and came up with different answers each time.  I decided that it was because of the Metronidazole (also known as Flagyl a strong antibiotic for parasites) that I was taking at the time for my 'c-diff' infection.  I waited for a week after finishing the Metronidizole and took the test again.  This time it worked just fine and definitely indicated that I  should be using 'paw paw'.

Robert Bowen

Additional Muscle Testing Methods

Here is the well written experience of Mark Lipsman who went from homeopath to hierologist and finally to a behavioral Kinesiologest and chronicled his experience in What I Learned from Cancer**. Mark's web site also has excellent advice on muscle testing.

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