Each Hyp (pronounced Hip as in hypnosis) No Cancer CD is the same except Hyp No Cancer Lite does not have the phrase, "imagine the tumor growing slightly and see yourself getting sicker." This is the phrase upon which a spontaneous remission is based.

If you consider the intended recipient of the CD to be a tough individual, they will understand the need for the above phrase and the regular Hyp No Cancer CD will be the right choice.

If the intended recipient of the CD is of a gentler persuasion, Hyp No Cancer Lite is the right choice.

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Spontaneous Remissions

In the recognized "bible" of spontaneous remission, O'Regan and Hirshberg list these triggers for spontaneous remission: "signals, suggestions* and guidance from the physical, mental and/or spiritual realms of every individual."

*If you have ever seen a hypnotist performing in front of an audience, make a body so stuff that it acts like a board, you know that hypnotic suggestions are the most powerful instructions a body can receive.

Consider these often overlooked aspects of spontaneous remissions:

  • Your body may not realize that tumors are a threat because they are formed by the body and initially function in a healthy manner.
  • If a body does not know that the tumors are harmful, the body will allow the tumors to grow.
  • According to the Trophoblast Theory of Cancer (105 years old and never disproved) a normally healthy body has the ability to destroy "cancer cells" and usually does so after they perform their normal function.

It is possible that the body only needs clear instructions to perform this cancer-cell-destroying function in a neglected area. Why else would these spontaneous remissions occur just after a patient is told that they have cancer?

Immune System Mistake and Cheap CDs

Tumor cells are made by your body, they are not foreign. Your immune system is designed to attack foreign organisms. Many hypnosis CD for cancer instruct your immune system to attack the cancer cells, this will not work. Although it is true that strengthening the immune system will help in your fight against cancer, the immune system is not what attacks the cancer. As explained on the Trophoblast Theory of Cancer web site:

This apparent contradiction is understood when you consider that bacteria and parasites damage the body and cause the body to go into repeated healing mode. Repeated healing can eventually lead to cancer if secretions from the pancreas fail to stop trophoblast cells (used in healing) from multiplying (this is the Trophoblast theory of cancer). If the immune system can be augmented sufficiently to remove most of the bacteria and parasites in the body, the amount of healing happening in the body is greatly reduced. This removes the strain on the pancreas caused by all that healing activity. Now the limited output (due to modern diet) of the pancreas can concentrate on the tumor which is just a large collection of trophoblast cells.

Other Problems with Cheap CDs

The immune system mistake (see just above) is only one of the problems that occur when the person making the CD does not have extensive experience with cancer. Another typical problem is imagery. To form the right image a CD needs two inductions: one for cancer tumors and one for cancer cells. I was not able to find one other hypnosis CD for cancer that makes this critical distinction. Cancer expertise is invaluable in the creation of a hypnosis CD for cancer. Don't purchase a CD unless it is made by someone with years of cancer experience.

One simple way to spot an inferior CD is to look for the words "self-hypnosis." Self-hypnosis is when the patient does all the guidance and there is no voice to follow. Any thoroughly trained hypnotherapist should know that listening to a recording is not self-hypnosis. These people are not being careful with their words. A hypnotherapist must be extremely careful with words.

CD mastering and creating the right music is not cheap. I spent $3000 to produce these CDs. The mastering and music was done by a dear friend of 20 years, Larry Castle the owner of musictailor.com. It would have cost other people much more for this quality. See the next section for Larry's qualifications. Cheap CDs are just that.

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CD Credits

The voice portions of the Hyp No Cancer™ CDs were created by myself, Paul Winter, a certified hypnotherapist since 1992. I also have ten years experience maintaining alternaticecancer.us the most complete alternative cancer web site on the Internet. This has given me unique insight into how hypnosis relates to cancer.

The voice portion of the CD was recorded and then the music was written to support the stages of the induction. The music was written and performed by Larry Castle of musictailor.com** a lifelong musician and composer. Larry's understanding of the healing aspects of music is extraordinary. Larry is a healer in his own right and has developed his own healing techniques with amazing success. At one point during production, Larry said to me, "This is what we were born to do." I think he was right.

Visit the main Hypnosis CDs and Spontaneous Remission page for more details

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Supplements to Support this CD

Most supplements directly effect cancer cells and do not use the functions of the body to eliminate cancer cells. There is no problem with this approach, but this CD calls on the body to eliminate the cancer cells by itself, spontaneous remission. Support for the body to eliminate cancer cells come from the pancreas. There are three supplements that support the cancer killing action of your pancreas:

The best pancreas support supplement on the market is Wobenzym. You can order Wobenzym from Wobenzym-usa.com

Laetrile is the pancreas secretion that kills cancer cells. Laetrile contains a compound that is unlocked by cancer cells and causes them to die. By increasing the amount of Laetrile in a person's body more cancer cells can be eliminated in this manner. See the Laetrile page on this website.

Emulsified Vitamin A
This inexpensive vitamin supports the action of Laetrile. See the Emulsified vitamin A page on this website.

The most effective way to stop tumor growth ever tested. Read the Sunlight section of the Cancer Prevention page.

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