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Paul Winter

I am a cancer survivor, author, and alternative health publisher (since 1989). I have been a field engineer working on jet aircraft, an avionics systems engineer, and a technical writer for about ten years each. Technical writing requires an understanding of complex material and an ability to clearly present it to laymen. This makes me a perfect candidate to explain cancer treatments.

Currently, I live in the Sedona area of Arizona and practice various healing arts, including hypnosis and the LIFE Quantum Biofeedback machine.

My Sister Alice

In 1989, after half a lifetime of interest in alternative medicine, I decided to combine my information presentation skills with my passion for alternative medicine. I started publishing alternative health booklets and sold them through health magazines and local stores.

In 1997, as the result of some reading I had done, I obtained the actual National Cancer Institute (NCI) test data that proved NCI had lied about Cancell. Cancell did fabulously well in the test, but NCI stated that "it showed no biological activity worthy of further testing." I thought about my sister who died at 35 due to complications from taking chemo. She was such a wonderful person that the largest church in town couldn't hold all the people of her memorial service. They stood in the street, in February, in Road Island. She wasn't even a church goer and she grew up hundreds of miles away. Losing my sister was and continues to be the low point of my life. I turned my sorrow into motivation to help prevent this type of tragedy. So I started the Cancell Home page which has grown into this web site.

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Table of Contents


My Healing History
Web Site Non-profit History
My Medical Qualifications
Getting Involved With Cancell
My Professional History

My Medical Experiences
Chinese Herbs
My Home
2013 Update
A Message to NCI

Pictures of my home and garden appear in some of the sections below to give you a better idea of who I am.

My Healing History

Since the age of 16, I have used alternative health of one sort or another and it always seemed right. In 1982, I started collecting alternative healing techniques. I was mostly interested in using "energy" to promote health as is used in therapeutic touch. Therapeutic touch is a hands on energy healing technique that has been so successful that it is taught in nearly every nursing college in the USA. The most well-know of these techniques is called Quantum Touch. I took healing classes at BPI and discovered that I had real talent using their "energy" healing technique. Over the years, I used this technique on myself and occasionally on friends. The results on my own life were amazing enough to encourage a fifteen to twenty minute treatment for myself everyday for 12 years. The positive effect of this technique on my health stimulated a lot of alternative health exploration which I mostly accomplished through books and workshops.

I collected such an extensive library of alternative health information that, in 1989, I started a business. I wrote and published alternative health booklets, see the booklet on the right. I sold booklets on general healing techniques, back problems, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

My interest in energetic healing and related technology eventually lead to the development of the Alternative Cancer Treatment Test kit.

Web Site Non-profit History

Since 1997, when this web site was called the Cancell Home page, hundreds of emails have been promptly answered and dozens of case histories have been tracked without any monetary support. The addition of the Test Kit for sale in 2004 does not change the basic purpose of this web site, which is to provide extensive information regarding alternative cancer treatments in the most accessible manner possible, such as the Comparison Table. The Test Kit was needed because without the Test Kit ($48), people interested in this type of testing would would have to pay $800 for a set of samples that the Test Kit provides.

My Medical Qualifications

Unlike doctors who must study hundreds of diseases, I have studied one, cancer. I have not gone to any conventional medical school, all of which are known to promote the use of pharmaceutical drugs in the exclusion of treatments that are known to be better. I have collected and read many books on cancer and kept up-to-date by reading articles and newsletters. The following books represent most of the sources I have used for my alternative cancer information (in alphabetical order by title):


  • Biochemistry by Dr. Schuessler
  • Blended Medicine by Michael Castleman
  • Chelation Therapy by Dr. Morton Walker
  • The Complete Book of Natural and Medicinal Cures by Prevention Magazine
  • A Conspiracy of Cells: The Basic Science of Cancer, by R. Grant Steen, Ph.D.
  • Definitive Guide to Cancer, by W. John Diamond, M.D., and W. Lee Cowden, M.D.
  • Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine by Michael T. Murray, ND and Joseph E. Pizzorno, ND
  • Everybody's Guide to Nature Cure by Harry Benjamin
  • Folk Medicine by D.C. Jarvis, MD
  • Handbook of Diet Therapy by Dorothea Turner
  • Has Dr. Max Gerson a True Cancer Cure?, by S. J. Haught
  • Healing for the Age of Enlightment by Stanley Burroughs
  • The Healing Path by Jacqueline Young
  • Healing Unlimited from Doardroom Classics
  • Herbs for Healing and Health by Kaithi Keville
  • The K Factor by Richard Moore, MD Ph.D. and George Webb, Ph.D.
  • Miracle Medicine Foods by Rex Adams
  • Optimal Health by Stephen T. Sinatra, MD
  • Orag Enzymes - New Approach to Cancer Treatment byF. Kalaschka
  • Racketeering in Medicine: The Suppression of Alternatives, by James P. Carter, M.D., Dr. P.H.
  • Rare Earths Forbidden Cures by Joel D. Wallach, BS, DVM, NS & Ma Lan, MD, MS
  • The Cancell Controversy: Why Is A Possible Cure for Cancer Being Repressed?, by Louise B. Trull
  • The Cancer Industry, by Ralph W. Moss
  • The Complete Book of Vitamins, by the Staff of Prevention Magazine
  • The Economics of Health and Health Care, by Folland, Goodman, & Stano
  • The Healing of Cancer, by Barry Lynes
  • The New Complete Medical and Health Encyclopedia
  • The Persecution and Trial of Gaston Naessens, by Christopher Bird
  • Racketeering in Medicine by james P. Carter, MD Dr. P. H.
  • Reclaming Our Health by John Robbins
  • The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird
  • The Survival Factor in Neoplastic and Viral Diseases, by William Frederick Koch, Ph.D., M.D.
  • Treating Cancer with Insulin Potentiation Therapy, by Ross A. Hauser, M.D. and Marion A. Hauser, M.S., R.D.
  • Dr. Whitaker's Guide to natural Healing
  • World Without Cancer, by G. Edward Griffin
  • Spontaneous Remission, by Brendan O'Regan and Caryle Hirshberg

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State of Health Care in the USA

In the early 20th century, Rockefeller and Carnegie obtained control over medical school education through the use of the Flexner Report which Rockefeller, through Henry Pritchett, had written. This report favored medical schools that taught pharmaceutical treatments. These schools started to receive large amounts of money from Rockefeller and Carnegie. In 1905, 160 medical schools were in operation. By 1927, 17 years after the Flexner Report, the number had dropped to 80. From then on, pharmaceutical company control of medical school curriculums was assured by the large amounts of money they would "give" to the schools for approved research. That research of course was approved or disapproved by the pharmaceutical companies. Only research that would lead to treatments that could be patented received approval. That eliminated any treatments derived from plants. Treatment derived from plants are more often safe than dangerous.  Treatments that can be patented are more often dangerous.

In 1928 when Rockefeller interlocked his empire with that of I.G. Farben, he created the largest and most powerful cartel the world has ever known. The executives of I.G. Farben were the only civilians sentenced to jail during the Nuremberg war crimes trials after World War II. Today, that cartel plays the major role in controlling the politics of cancer treatment and research. Considering that one out of three people get cancer and that typical cancer treatment costs $300,000, the profit potential is tremendous as long as a real cancer cure is not found. So it should come as no surprise "that most cancer research is largely a fraud and that the major cancer research organisations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them." - Linus Pauling PhD (Two-time Nobel Prize winner). But cancer researchers have gone even further by allowing misinformation, benificial to their industry, to remain uncorrected.

All I would like to achieve is to have people develop the same caution that I now use when I approached conventional medical doctors. That caution is born from the information that these doctors, although well-meaning, have received an education that is controlled by pharmaceutical companies. These companies were started by criminals and now control the laws that govern their industry.

In the USA pharmaceutical products are responsible for killing more people than automobile accidents. It is long past time that we turned to alternatives first and conventional medicine second. The safe treatments are the natural treatments. Natural treatments can not be patented so pharmaceutical companies do not even try to synthesize them. The commercials recently shown on TV by pharmaceutical companies that show them entering the rainforest to find natural cures are a complete lie. No pharmaceutical company will go through the expensive FTA process to develop a synthesized treatment when the natural treatment could easily be available at a much cheaper cost.

Getting Involved With Cancell

I have a friend, Mike, with whom I have exchanged interesting information for many years. Mike sent me an article about Cancell. I could not believe that an apparently effective (50%) cancer treatment was being suppressed. I set out to show Mike that this Cancell stuff was a fraud. I purchased the book about Cancell, "The Cancell Controversy." In that book I found a copy of the NCI test results. They were the "proof" that NCI had found Cancell to be strongly anti-tumor and then lied about it. I found it hard to believe that NCI would do such a horrible thing. I decided that those test results had to be faked by the author. I contacted the author and found that she had obtained the NCI test results from the developer of Cancell, James Sheridan. Now, I was even more convinced that the test results were faked and thought all I had to do was obtain the real test results from NCI and I could prove that Cancell was a fraud.

I called NCI and eventually got the phone in the records room to ring. A helpful Dr. Manner answered the phone. He faxed me the results I asked for and I almost fell down. They were exactly the same as the results in the book. I searched the web for an article that exposed this travesty as the book had, but there was no such Web page. It seemed clear to me that it was now my responsibility to put this information on the Web.

Once I made that initial Cancell Web page, I started to receive many questions by email. These emails required me to research and obtain more information about Cancell. In order to avoid answering the same questions over and over again, I added all new information to the Cancell web page. Eventually, I became involved with other volunteers who promoted Cancell and learned more information. This was also placed on the Web page. Some people who ordered Cancell would contact me with ordering problems. When I learned solutions to ordering problems, that information went on the Web page. My Web page became a very complete source of Cancell information. However, I wanted to make sure that Cancell worked as well as the developer said it would. For five years I collected case histories and became convinced that Cancell was indeed as effective as the developer stated. I eventually published my results.

My Professional History

I progressed through the engineering ranks from a field engineer working on jets for Hughes Aircraft to a systems engineer developing avionic systems for Litton and GTE. During my ten years as a systems engineer, I meditated daily and developed sensitivity to many things. I quit engineering to write a book on intuition - one of the things to which I had developed a sensitivity through 12 years of daily energy work.

With the help of some wonderful friends, I finished the book and discovered that I loved writing. I sold my soul back into technology and combined my newly acquired writing skills with my engineering background. I became a contract technical writer. If you feel that this web site is well organized, you can thank my 10 years of technical writing experience.

My Medical Experiences

Western medicine with its drugs and surgery never produced good results for me. It was at an early age that I started using alternative medicine. This may be why I am still insanely active and healthy today. I have had health challenges, but I overcame them easily, and without the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs.

My primary care practitioner is an acupuncturist who prescribes Chinese Herbs. When I visit her office, I wait for five minutes, I am treated for a full 50 minutes. I gladly pay the $70 out of my own pocket, but sometimes I have insurance that covers some of it. The herbs she prescribes have stopped the most difficult viruses dead in their tracks, but now I have something even better, Cantron, Protocel and Paw Paw are excellent antiviral agents.

Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbs gave me back my life after a mysterious virus brought me to my knees. If you want to find practitioners who prescribe the herbs I have been using, you can fax a list of your local zip codes to: Health Concerns, Oakland, California** (510) 639-9140. They will fax you a copy of practitioners in your area if there are any. If you don't have a fax, their voice number is (510) 639-0280.

My Old Home In Calif and Things

I think a person's home tells a lot them. I like antiques so that tells you that I am stuck in the past. Just joking. The technology I promote by presenting the Test Kit is a clear indication that I embrace new ideas especially if it creates a useful tool for health.

My couch looks very inviting to me, but, of course, I spend most of my time in my office which at least looks out onto my garden. My garden is a great source for cut flowers which I use inside to distract guests from noticing the dust. Yes, I am a real bachelor.

The door to my garden is the most inviting object in my house. Too bad it is an exit; I lose more house guests that way.

Yes, there is a dog in both pictures. I am a dog lover. My dogs have a pretty good life. When I take them for a run, they really run and they have a doggie door to a dog run that goes 3/4 of the way around my back yard so they can perform their "border patrol." I have been pretty successful keeping them from barking. Yes, I try to be a good neighbor.

...........Edward and Romie. People say
...........owners look like their pets. That
........... means I must be small and hairy.

The things a person loves, to a large extent, define the person. I love scary sports. I windsurf, bodysurf, raft, ski, ride motorcycles, and into my 40s did gymnastics. On the left, I am rafting with a friend, I'm in back and at this point, she has crashed back into me. On the right, is a picture of me going over the top of my backyard highbar (my feet are directly above my hands). My friend who took the picture is laying on the ground shooting straight up. My own highbar (eight feet above the ground) was a dream come true.

2013 Update
All of the above pictures are fairly old. They are from my years in Californa. In 2005, right before the realestate bubble burst, I sold my Sunnyvale California house and moved to Arizona where I rented a house. Well, come on, I wrote the Intuition Toolbox** what did you expect?

< Paul in his Arizona living room with things from his travels and a bit of therapy equipment.

A Message to NCI

There must be well meaning people at NCI, but for those who falsified the test summary of Cancell,

a friend of ours

has something





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