Each Hyp (pronounced Hip as in hypnosis) No Cancer CD contains two, twenty minute inductions. One for cancer tumors one for cancer cells. This is critical when using hypnosis-guided visualizations. Most hypnosis CDs do not make this important distinction.

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CD Difference
Hyp No Cancer Lite does not have the phrase, "imagine the tumor growing slightly and see yourself getting sicker." Everything else is the same. See the Induction Power section to see why this rather shocking phrase is important.

Table of Contents for this Page

The sections of this page are a bit technical. Those not keenly technical might prefer these short summaries, for more details click the link:

Spontaneous Remission Spontaneous remissions usually occur right after tumors are identified as life-threatening growths that need to be removed. Can a person cause a spontaneous remission by making this identification more powerful and delivering it repeatedly?

Induction Power A description of the slightly controversial nature of one suggestion. This suggestion asks that the body see the results of allowing the tumors to grow "just a little bit."

Clear Communication Presents the best method for communicating with your body.

** Survival Time Twice the National Norm ** Presents the results of a 159 terminal cancer patient study where the patients did something very simple and how hypnosis makes it more effective.

Proven Effectiveness of Hypnosis Presents proof that hypnosis is effective against warts (viruses) and evidence of the connection between viruses and cancer cells.

The Immune System Mistake Many hypnosis CDs for cancer direct the immune system alone to fight the cancer.

Cheap CDs There are many inexpensive hypnosis CDs on the web, but there are reasons they are cheap.

CD Credits This CD was the combined efforts of two of the most experienced people you could ask for.

Ordering Info CD cost, shipping, tax, toll free order phone, refund policy and order buttons in one place.

Supplements to support this hypnosis CD. When you tell your body to eliminate cancer cells, it puts your pancreas into overdrive.

Spontaneous Remissions

In the recognized "bible" of spontaneous remission, O'Regan and Hirshberg list these triggers for spontaneous remission: "signals, suggestions* and guidance from the physical, mental and/or spiritual realms of every individual."

*If you have ever seen a hypnotist performing in front of an audience make a body as stiff as a board, you know that hypnotic suggestions are the most powerful instructions a body can receive.

Consider these often overlooked aspects of spontaneous remissions:

  • Your body may not realize that tumors are a threat because they are formed by the body and initially function in a healthy manner.
  • If a body does not know that the tumors are harmful, the body will allow the tumors to grow.
  • According to the Trophoblast Theory of Cancer (105 years old and never disproved) a normally healthy body has the ability to destroy "cancer cells" and usually does so after they perform their normal function.

It is possible that the body only needs clear instructions to perform this cancer-cell-destroying function in a neglected area. Why else would these spontaneous remissions occur just after a patient is told that they have cancer?

Rare or Not?

Spontaneous remissions are believed to be rare, but are they? If a patient learns that they have cancer, takes a doctor-recommended treatment, and then has a spontaneous remission, the doctor will give the credit to the treatment. However, the doctor cannot tell if the spontaneous remission was due to the treatment or simply the body learning that the tumors were dangerous. Doctors will not retest you until they have given you a treatment because of health insurance rules. Remember, the body has the ability to destroy cancer cells and it is a normal body function that happens at any healing site.

How do we know that a person's body didn't dissolve the tumors simply because it finally learned in a concrete manner, such as seeing X-rays, that the tumors were harmful? Actually, that is the only explanation that fits the observed spontaneous remissions. So show your body, in the clearest way possible that the body can and should remove the tumors.

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Induction Power

The reasons the original Hyp No Cancer CD is so powerful is that it shows the listener's body the cost of allowing the tumors to grow. This may sound scary at first, but read this entire section and the "Spontaneous Remission" section above before deciding which CD to purchase. The CD without this powerful image is the "Lite" CD. The other CD (brown cover) creates this image with these words:

"Imagine that you see the tumors grow a little bit and see yourself getting less healthy, parts of your body are starting to starve because the tumors are taking their food. The body must know that if it allows the tumors to continue to grow, you will become more sick, less health, and the other parts of your body will start to starve and stop their function. But the body will not do this, the body knows now that it must make the tumors shrink. See the tumors shrink once again..."

This is a controversial suggestion because a negative image is being created. However, this is absolutely needed. The body is extremely reluctant to destroy something that is growing as nicely as tumors grow in the beginning. If you don't show your body why the tumors must be destroyed, your message will not be strong enough to encourage the desired spontaneous remission.

If you don't want the controversial words, order Hyp No Cancer Lite. Those words were are not used in Hyp No Cancer Lite.

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Tracks and Induction Length
There are two complete inductions on both the CDs, each induction has its own track. One induction is for tumors, the other is for cells. It is important to visualize the correct form to be addressed so the body is clear on what it needs to eliminate. Both inductions run about 22 minutes each.

CD Use
You can use the CD based on the cancer elements you can visualize and the elements you can perceive.  Track one is for tumors that you can visualize and tumors which you suspect might be starting regardless of location.  The later would be based on a feeling of the possibility of early tumors starting some place in your body.  This includes small established tumors or just a few cells which are no longer in the blood stream but which have established a location in which to grow into a tumor.  Track two is for cancer cells that you can visualize that are due to leukemia or metastases that are still in the blood stream.  People who have little reason to suspect metastases, use Track 2 one out of five or six sessions.

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Clear Communication

Based on the Trophoblast Theory of Cancer** (100 years old and never disproved) cancer cells are healing cells that failed to be eliminated after they were no longer needed. To convince the body to destroy healing cells is very difficult. Clear and powerful communication with the subconscious is needed to convince the body that these cells need to be eliminated. The most widely accepted method for this type of communication is hypnosis.

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Survival Time Twice the National Norm

So we know a good tool for communication with a person's body: hypnosis. Now what is the most effective message?

Dr. Carl Simonton, a radiation oncologist and medical director in Dallas, Texas performed a study of 159 patients with cancers that were considered incurable. The average expected survival time for such patients is 12 months. Four years later, 63 of the patients were still alive, far more than would have been expected. Of those, 14 showed no evidence of the disease. The average survival time of the whole group was 23.4 months, more than twice the national norm. The only thing Simonton did was teach these patients visualization techniques.

These results are documented in "Getting Well Again" by O. Carl Simonton, MD, Stephanie Mathews-Simonton, James L. Creighton. You can read the formal study in the Jan/Feb edition of the CA Cancer Journal 1982**.

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Proven Effectiveness of Hypnosis Against Unwanted Growths

It is impossible to directly determine the effectiveness of hypnosis against cancer because nobody would only use hypnosis to treat cancer; cancer is too life threatening. However, the above visualization study shows the effectiveness of visualizations in treating cancer. The effectiveness of hypnosis to present visualizations to the body to stop growths on the body was demonstrated in the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, July 1992. The title of that study was "Hypnotherapy for Warts: 41 Consecutive Cases with 33 Cures," by Dabney M. Ewin M.D. The title says it all. If you have ever tried to remove a wart, you know what an accomplishment this is.

There seems to be a connection between cancer and viruses that conventional medicine fails to realize. If Protocel or Cantron works on a patient's cancer, the patient eventually notices that it also works on their viruses. Protocel and Cantron both work by deducing the ATP energy (adenosine triphosphate) of our cells. Consider these facts:

  • Cancer cells and viruses are susceptible to the same thing.
  • Hypnosis is effective against warts.
  • Warts are viruses.

Immune System Mistake and Cheap CDs

Many hypnosis CD for cancer instruct your immune system alone to attack the cancer cells. This ignores these other cancer fighters:

  • The secretions from the pancreas that are used by the body to digest cancer cells.
  • The enzymes* know to kill cancer cells
  • The supplements such as Paw Paw that can kill cancer cells.
  • The unrestricted command to the body to "just make the cancer go away."

Our bodies are amazingly intelligent. If we simple show our body what we want it to do, shrink tumors and kill cancer cells, it will know what it can do with the available tools. The well estblished hypnotic suggestion, "just see the cancer tumor (or cells) get smaller and smaller and simply go away." has been most successful for years and years and does not limit the body to use only the immune system.

Other Problems with Cheap CDs

The immune system mistake (see just above) is only one of the problems that occur when the person making the CD does not have extensive experience with cancer. Another typical problem is imagery. To form the right image a CD needs two inductions: one for cancer tumors and one for cancer cells. I was not able to find one other hypnosis CD for cancer that makes this critical distinction. Cancer expertise is invaluable in the creation of a hypnosis CD for cancer. Don't purchase a CD unless it is made by someone with years of cancer experience.

One simple way to spot an inferior CD is to look for the words "self-hypnosis." Self-hypnosis is when the patient does all the guidance and there is no voice to follow. Any thoroughly trained hypnotherapist should know that listening to a recording is not self-hypnosis. These people are not being careful with their words. A hypnotherapist must be extremely careful with words.

CD mastering and creating the right music is not cheap. I spent $3000 to produce these CDs. The mastering and music was done by a dear friend of 20 years, Larry Castle the owner of musictailor.com. It would have cost other pople much more for this quality. See the next section for Larry's qualifications. Cheap CDs are just that.

Some samples from Lary*.

CD Credits

The voice portions of the Hyp No Cancer™ CDs were created by myself, Paul Winter, a certified hypnotherapist since 1992. I also have ten years experience maintaining alternaticecancer.us the most complete alternative cancer web site on the Internet. This has given me unique insight into how hypnosis relates to cancer.

The voice portion of the CD was recorded and then the music was written to support the stages of the induction. The music was written and performed by Larry Castle of musictailor.com** a lifelong musician and composer. Larry's understanding of the healing aspects of music is extraordinary. Larry is a healer in his own right and has developed his own healing techniques with amazing success. At one point during production, Larry said to me, "This is what we were born to do." I think he was right.

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Problems with Other Hypnosis CDs for Cancer

There are many hypnosis CDs for cancer that are not likely to work. They don't have separate inductions for tumors and for cancer cells. Some tell you to imagine your immune system attacking the cancer cells. The immune system does not kill cancer cells (as explained above). Most hypnotherapists don't understand cancer. They don't know that your body is extremely reluctant to destroy any cells that the body created. If your body is not shown why the cancer cells are dangerous, your body is not likely to destroy them. See Induction Power above. Before purchasing a hypnosis CD for cancer, ask whether or not you are instructed to make images that show the body that the cancer cells are dangerous.

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Supplements to Support this CD

Most supplements directly effect cancer cells and do not use the functions of the body to eliminate cancer cells. There is no problem with this approach, but this CD calls on the body to eliminate the cancer cells by itself, spontaneous remission. Support for the body to eliminate cancer cells come from the pancreas. There are three supplements that support the cancer killing action of your pancreas:

The best pancreas support supplement on the market is Wobenzym. You can order Wobenzym from Wobenzym-usa.com

Laetrile is the pancreas secretion that kills cancer cells. Laetrile contains a compound that is unlocked by cancer cells and causes them to die. By increasing the amount of Laetrile in a person's body more cancer cells can be eliminated in this manner. See the Laetrile page on this website.

Emulsified Vitamin A
This inexpensive vitamin supports the action of Laetrile. See the Emulsified vitamin A page on this website.

The most effective way to stop tumor growth ever tested. Read the Sunlight section of the Cancer Prevention page.

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