The following story is about Stacy Jett a six year (as of 2009) melanoma survivor demonstrates that you never can tell what will work on your cancer based on cancer type. These are mostly her own words,

Tracy loves DMSO, But many people can misuse it. She found DMSO and vitamin C from Daniel Haley's book "Politics of Healing." She was already familiar with DMSO as an external application for sports injuries. Her brother-in- Law, who tried out for the Olympics in the Decathlon swears by its external effectiveness. 

Stacy on the podium after winning the 2003 national grapling title.

Melanoma is a dangerious form of skin cancer. This is a perfect example of what is really being said when one type of doctor tells you there is no hope. They are really saying that their type of medicine doesn't have a treatment. Never forget that there are many types of medicines. Conventional medical doctors will never tell you this because they don't want you to switch to another type of doctor. They fear that if another type of doctor fixes you when they couldn't you will always go to that doctor first. People forget that it is a business and conventional doctors are very aware that their competition is gaining on their practice every year.

Theory of Operation

If vitamin C gets into a cancer cell, it explodes it like a little hand grenade (a great visualization).  Vitamin C is so close in molecular structure to sugar the cancer cells see it and gobble it up.  DMSO simply assists in the delivery system to make sure that the vitamin C gets to the cancer cells due to the solvent effect of DMSO.


Tracy learned that dosage is pretty individual. The following worked for me.

Vitamin C

Dosage depends on an individual's "bowel tolerance" and the manufacturer's recommendation. Different vitamin C can be tolerated differently. Tracy used as much as possible as long as her stomach could tolerate it without any unpleasant side effects.  She used one to two heaping teaspoons of whole food, buffered vitamin C.  Other's who use strictly ascorbic acid (not a whole food) may use less.  I could be comfortable to over 10 grams a day. The only way she could tell was to start with the manufacturers maximum allowed dose and work up till side effects appeared.

She used a whole food vitamin C which was made from rosehips and acerola cherry Healthforce Nutritionals brand called Truly Natural Vitamin C which is naturally buffered. She also thinks that the Vitamin C from Perque is good because it is L-ascorbate, fully Buffered and perhaps better than the Healthforce Nutritionals brand.


She worked up to a capful of DMSO taken with Aloe Vera gel and my skin with caution as follows:

  1. Clean the area.
  2. Apply Aloe Vera gel and gently rub onto the area (this keeps the DMSO from irritating the skin).
  3. Dilute the DMSO and the vitamin C 50% with distilled water.
  4. Mixing both together.
  5. Gently patting the mixture onto the area with a sponge. 

To avoid irritation do not rub the mixture into the area. Just lay it on.

Treatment Result

After three months on this protocol, the significant metastasis was gone.  The radiologist said there was no sign of the cancer. There was absolutely no curiosity from any of my oncologists, the Melanoma Foundation, any radiologists or pathologists that I dealt with and who knew my case.

This supports my belief that the "health" industry just isn't interested in true cures, they want profits. There is too big of a conflict between our health and their income for them to be trusted.  I am not saying the DMSO was the cure, but I know it helped immensely The cure was everything put together.  My mindset, nutrition, juicing, sprouting, and understanding the emotional aspect of cancer as explained in the "New Medicine" theory of Dr. Hamer.

Additional Benefits

Tracy used to have sciatica in her hip (pinched nerve in the lower spine which causes pain all down the leg). After taking the DMSO/vitamin C combination for just a few days, the sciatica pain disappeared and never returned. A rash that appeared on her leg from riding horses also disappeared. DMSO/vitamin C seems to be a general pain reliever.  She believes that when somebody experiences pain, it can increased their fear, and when fear is present, cancer can metastasize.  So it works in multiple ways.

Another side effect she experienced was a feeling of well-being.  She cannot explain this, just that everything seemed to be alright.

Cancer Types

She read in "Politics of Healing" about a mother whose son had "incurable" cancer. A number of doctors told her "there is no hope." A herbalist told her to mix:

7 drops of DMSO

2 tea spoons of Vitamin C powder

1/2 cup of distilled water. 

Take this twice a day. I bet you know what happened.

Conventional western medicine is not the only form of medicine. It is just the most expensive and most dangerous.

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