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Since 1997, I have received much thanks for my efforts to collect and present unbiased alternative cancer information. Here are a few of the letters I have received. They are the reason why I continue to work to improve this web site. If you know of an alternative cancer treatment web site where the information is easier to locate, please let me know, I am always eager to learn how to improve.

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Hi Paul,

I am writing to applaud you, your work and your integrity.

I have recently opened a wellness centre in my hometown of Ridgeway Ontario. We offer alternative therapies, workshops and seminars. Our mission is to get to the root of the issues clients currently face. Working fully in the view of the mind, body connection. Energy medicine is the tool I use foremost, with many interesting results.

Through trials, and tribulations of attempting to get the right people on board to make this centre a place of ethics, empowerment and education. I can appreciate many of the difficulties you may of faced in bringing about such important, and much needed information.

A client recommended your site, and I am presently ordering many of the books you mention throughout your site. Eventually I would like to use your test kits here, but would like to have permission from yourself of course first and any training you would suggest. I am familiar with kinesology and use it in my practice. I look forward in seeing the test kit my client ordered.

Hope to hear from you in the future. Continue the marvelous work you are doing.

In love an light, always,
Polly Brisbois
ONTARIO 905-894-3247

Thank you Paul,

Looking forward to receiving the kit, I thank you for your positive vides and most definitely will spread the word about the kit and your brilliant web site.

Thanking you from Australia,


Again I would like to take the time to thank you for your continued effort to put this wonderful information out for people to learn about. Every time I come back to visit the site it seems there is more and more information for me to learn about. It definitly gives me hope that should I ever get cancer I have a fighting chance of beating it. Many of my family members have succumb to this horrible disease. I know I have an increased risk of getting cancer because so many in my family had it. But, with the information you have put out and continue to update I started taking some supplements as a preventitive. I had recently started taking Vitamin D, I am not sure if I should take the GNC brand or get the cholecalciferol kind (comment from Paul Winter: they are the same). But the information is plentiful and quality. Please if there ever a need finacially to help keep the site running let me know. I never want it not to be around. Please keep up the awesome work. You are giving so many hopeless people HOPE!

Thank you again,
Patrick Sullivan

To: <>
Subject: Alternative Cancer Treatments

Mr. Winter,

Wow.  I only wish I had discovered your site about 8 months ago.  My wife is in treatment for a stage III adenocarcinoma.  We are very naturopathic-minded people (we even brew white willow bark tea instead of taking Aspirin), and believe me when I say chemo was our LAST choice.  The doctors pushed and rushed us, saying time was short before it went metastatic and potentially incurable, and that treatment options were limited - she had a BRD a score of 8 out of 9 (aggressiveness), and was a "triple negative" (that is ER -, PR -, HER-2 -).

Interesting to note is my wife is ANYTHING but your typical cancer candidate: no family history, non-smoker, non-drinker, eats vegetarian, exercises daily (well, used to), never around fumes or chemicals.  However, about 8 years ago she did have some issues with her pancreas, and was prescribed Pankreatin Stada.  Based on what your site mentions regarding the trophoblast connection, we will now look into whether there's an increased occurrence of cancer among people with pancreatic issues (and/or receiving treatments for them).  Perhaps we have finally found our "why".

I thought we were already being smarter, as we at least chose to do naturopathic treatment alongside the chemo - both to improve it's effectiveness and also to fight the side effects (the complete regiment is detailed below, in the hopes that it will be useful for you and your readers).  Our naturopath has been amazing through this process - Alan Tillotson, author of the "One Earth Herbal Sourcebook" (which combines western, Chinese, and Ayurvedic methods), and former personal physician to President Mubarak of Egypt (his contact information is below, should you have any questions).  You'll find that some of the things he recommends are already on your site - and some may be new.

Our diligent research seems to be paying off (I've been on the internet literally 8-10 hours each day of the last 8 months while she's been going through this).  She's done better than any other patient in her group at the clinic (both in terms of progress and side effects).  The last sonogram found NO tumors remaining.  Now we're focusing on prevention - her particular type of cancer has a 90% recurrence rate, and I'm particularly alarmed about what I read on your site regarding Tamoxifen.

Despite not finding any tumors, they now want to proceed with the surgery (what else would a surgeon recommend?) - lumpectomy plus the removal of 15+ lymph nodes (even though only 4 were originally "affected", only 1 was cancerous).  At least this is better than what the American doctors wanted to do (we moved to Germany for treatment in order to ensure compliance with the St. Gallen consensus - something most American doctors weren't even aware of when we asked them).  The Americans wanted a full mastectomy (BOTH breasts, just for god measure), plus said that nerves severed during lymph removal would likely cost the future use of her arm (Germans do the more complicated surgery and don't sever these nerves).  We are told the surgery is necessary to avoid recurrence.  My own research shows that metastasis often shows up AFTER surgery, not before (as a result of?).  I also know, just in my circle of friends, of 2 women who survived breast cancer, and chemo, only to die of lupus following their surgeries.  First you weaken the immune system, then you cut, and in cutting you remove the lymphs - what is the body left with to protect itself from infections?

Needless to say, our next battle will be reducing or avoiding the surgery, while at the same time looking for methods to minimize the chances of recurrence (already heightened by the conventional treatments she went through it seems).  Besides dietary solutions (B17, Vitamin C, Curcummin, Kaishore Guggul), we are also taking a look at building a Royal Rife machine (NOT the hoaxes being sold out there as such - Zappers, EMEM, and anything else with a square wave generator and some rods or pads is NOT a "Rife" machine).  While their effectiveness on cancer is still being debated, their effect on pre-cancerous cells was already well established in 1934 clinical trials at USC.

I only wish our doctors would have bothered to mention the #1 chemo side effect that most fail to: menopause. 

Our battle is ongoing.  I thank you for this amazing site you're put up, and wish you luck in yours.


Dear Mr. Winter,

To make a long story short...Christmas day of 2002 I started bleeding and by nights end, hemorrhaging from the bladder. The next day they took out a tumor. I was put on BCG treatment then. Next surgery, three tumors. This was supposed to be a superficial tumor. Back to the treatments, next time it was five tumors. Then they added interferon to the treatment to help slow this down. Well, April of 2004 I had ELEVEN tumors removed. At this point my doctor is barely ahead of the game and starts talking bladder removal which because of my heart and lungs he doesn't think I will survive. I also have a spinal problem that prohibits me from spending 4 to 8 hours on my back in surgery. So today when I went in for the cystoscopy to see if there were more tumors, I was scared and already planning how I would handle the end of my life.

Immediately after my April surgery I did get some alternative treatments, and although the pain of new tumors didn't come on as soon as usual, I still had some pain the last couple of weeks. Even with the alternative treatment I thought if there were two or three tumors we were gaining some ground.

I was taking Cancell, Pawpaw and Modified Citrus pectin. I added some Wobenzyme too but not regularly.

Imagine my surprise, and his too, when he found NO tumors this time. The pain was caused by cysts from the BCG treatment. I had been on the alternative therapy since April of this year (it's now August). Even the doctor seemed puzzled as this cancer was so fast growing and doubling the tumors every four to five months. I tried to talk to him about alternative therapy but he wouldn't listen. He thought it was useless and would interfere with his treatment, so I never mentioned it to him again. I absolutely feel the alternative was what made the difference. I will continue with his treatment (even though it takes painpills, antinausea meds and antibiotics to get through it) and will continue current alternative treatment. My sister thought I was wasting my money on this too, but today she said she would stay on it long term if it was her. For the first time, she doesn't think she is going to lose her little sister.

If it helps someone, feel free to use this letter and share it with others. The speed this cancer was moving speaks for itself. And so does the doctor's treatment and then, my adding the alternative treatments show what can happen.
Thank you for being out there. Thank you for what you do.

Sincerely Yours,
Gloria Phillips

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Dear Paul,

In this myriad of questionable information on the net, you come in with lots of credibility. There's a fellow named Bill Henderson,, whose impression on me is also very positive, and whom you may also know.

In any case, how should I buy Cancell, which I want to buy as a starter, unless you have any reservations or suggestions, such as using Paw Paw in addition to it. I am still mightily interested in your kit so that I can test everything, but barring any good reasons, I am ready to start with Cancell. I'll have to get it transshipped from England, which will probably let it in, and then forwarded to me in Spain, which stops things of this nature from the U.S., but not from another European Union country.

I must buy your book today, which I've failed to do so far. I'm copying this to my daughter, Amrit, who was born and raised in Munich and who now lives in Marin County, and to whom I can now take the opportunity of recommending your website,

Keep up your very admirable work and great service.
The very best to you,

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Hello Paul,

I came across your website via a "friend" whom I "met" on the phone: Tony Bell. He directed me to your site to learn about Cancell (Protocel), which I have now been using for 23 days. I'm not sure, as it's too early to know, but I believe I'm witnessing a decline in the tumor masses. I have two kinds of primary cancers: non-Hogkin's lymphoma and breast cancer with mets to the bones. Your sight really inspired me to try this cancer formula. I have been fighting cancer for 3 1/2 years with alternative methods, and it has kept me alive, but has not irradicated the disease. I do believe this is the turning point in my battle. Praise the Lord!

How can I ever thank you enough for being a caring person? Also, I would like to ask you if you are currently using the formula to prevent cancer, as I would like my adult children to do this? You mentioned in your writings that you no longer have persistent colds and flu, etc. since using the Cancell.

Paul, I wish for you God's eternal grace to keep you well and happy and in His plan for your life.
With affection and esteem,

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Subject: Using Applied Kinesiology to test cancer treatments against your body's energy.

Thanks so much for your quick response. I understand you have containers that work for testing with AK (Applied Kinesiology). I would love to have containers to test 4 products. I know you state you do not want payment for this, however, I would be happy to reimburse you your costs and shipping. Let me know your costs...please.

Your web site has been very helpful. Keep up the good work. I know there are thousands of us who appreciate and applaud your efforts.


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Hi Paul,

How goes things? I just wanted to give you a quick up date on my father. He is doing AWESOME!!!!! He has essentially lost no weight. Some from surgery on his gallbladder and the other is that he has been in a hotel the last few weeks. His house caught on fire and had to stay in a hotel. Food was a little hard to come by in the hotel.

In fact he went to see his family doctor and the doctor almost fell out of his chair. He was amazed how good my father looked. He smile and said, Darrell you look great! Please dont get me wrong I dont want to give you false hope, but whatever your doing keep it up. My father started to tell him and the doctor now wants to know more on alternative treatments.

He is taking: Cantron

Emulsified Vit. A
Dandelion Root
Milk Thistle
Willards Water
Soon to take Noni Juice, MGN3, Beta Glucans and Shark Oil

My father looks awesome and feels great. I know Cantron is doing its job. He has had the usual side effects. Feeling tired, SWEATING REAL BAD and some chills(feels cold). My father has NEVER felt cold.

FYI: I get so tired of the NCU, ACS and the FDA lying. The NCI is the biggest bunch of liars I have ever seen. Their NCI web page that talks about Cantron is so deceiving. They call it The Fact Page. They talk about Jim, Ed and some back ground information on Cantron. They also talk about how Cantron had no biological effect on Cancer. They are so slick!!!! Almost everything they say about Jim And Ed are facts, but then they slide in their lies about Cantron.

I wrote to the NCI and asked them to print out the results of the testing for Cantron and to put it on the fact page. They wont respond. WOW, now there's a surprise!!!! I also said the facts about Jim and Ed were true, but lets see your organization print the facts about the tests instead of just telling us the results.

Everyone is being so deceived by the NCI's lies of the results on Cantron. Then these organizations post false information based only on what the NCI tells them. The FDA, BC Cancer Agency, Cancer Decisions, Cancer Coalition and so on.......

This makes me wonder about the credibility of these organization if the print information based on what one organizations says. If these organizations saw the test results the only excuse they would have to print false information would be.. "We are ignorant and cant read a graph" Oh by the way. There is a guy on the net that claims they are bringing it back Cancell Ed's version

Take it easy,

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