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This web page contains extensive information about nutritional supplement MGM-3. It contains the details that support its ratings on the Comparison table*. Much of this information cannot be supplied by a MGM-3 distributor or manufacturer due to FDA regulations. All information is free and kept updated with the latest MGM-3 information.

Thoughtful gifts for cancer patients: hypnosis CDs, and humor the best medicine.

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These Treatments are Different

You cannot pick an alternative cancer treatment the same way you pick your other medications. Despite the enthusiastic claims of well meaning people:

A person's unique body chemistry seems to be the most important consideration in selecting an alternative cancer treatment. Only energy medicine offers a selection method that takes body chemistry into account.

What to Do

Consider the cocktail approach to preventing cancer cells from becoming drug resistant. Smart cancer patients are taking three or four treatments each of which were selected by different means such as:

After you have used a treatment for a while, drug resistance can prevent the treatment from continuing to be effective.  Successful cancer patients prevent drug restive cells from developing by using three or more alternative cancer treatments, the cocktail.


The human immune system producers over 100 types of white blood cells. One type, Natural Killer (NK) cells are designed to locate and kill disease cells such as cancer cells. Cancer patients almost always have a suppressed number of NK cells. MGN-3 increases the production of NK cells and continues to keep the NK cell level elevated until use is halted. It also enhances B-cell and T-cell activity.

The above chart was derived from a human study of 72 patients.

MGN-3 is made from Rice Bran, enzymatically treated with polysaccharides from Shitake, Kawaratake, and Surehrotake mushrooms.


MGN-3 was developed in a university research environment by Mamdooh H. Ghoneum, Ph.D., of Charles Drew University , Los Angeles.

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MGN-3 increases natural killer cell activity, and increases gamma interferon and tumor necrosis factor-alpha. It can act synergistically with interleukin-2, which also increases natural killer cell activity.

In studies conducted by Dr. Mamdooh Ghoneum at Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science in Los Angeles, taking up to 3000 milligrams of MGN3 daily increased the activity level of NK cells by as much as 300%... and at the same time boosted T and B cell counts.

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There is no doubt that MGN-3 increases the natural killer cell production of our immune systems and almost everyone who uses it. This increase starts as early as 1 week after starting treatments. Natural killer cell activity continues to increase for and least two months with continuation of treatments. There is no information that suggests that there are any types of cancers for which MGN-3 works more poorly than others.

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In studies conducted by Dr. Mamdooh Ghoneum at Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science in Los Angeles, taking up to 3000 milligrams of MGN3 daily increased the activity level of NK cells by as much as 300%... and at the same time boosted T and B cell counts. However, there do not seem to be any studies of cancer patients taking MGN-3 by itself.

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Quantity of Papers

There seems to be a high number of papers and research that verifies the Natural Killer cell production stimulation aspect of MGN-3. However, there do not seem to be any studies of the actual antitumor effects of MGN-3.

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Conclusiveness of Papers

The only conclusions that can be drawn from the available research papers is that MGN-3 increases the production of Natural Killer cells. There is a surprising lack of research on the effect of MGN-3 on cancer tumors.

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Standalone Ability

Based on the ability of MGN-3 to increase the production of Natural Killer cells, MGN-3 seems to be a good addition to a anticancer regiment. However, its ability to stop the growth of cancer tumors is not well established.

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Dosage and Ease of Use

The course of treatment recommended for MGN-3 initially requires the consumption of four pills three times the day. That is only slightly more effort than the easiest of the anti-Cancer supplements.

People who change their eating habits greatly increase the effectiveness of the supplements they take. Consider reading the General Diet* subsection of the Home page.


Take 4 capsules 3 times per day for 3 weeks (total 252 caps or 5 1/2 bottles total). After 3 weeks, reduce dosage to the maintenance level of 4 capsules daily (one week = 21 caps). For best results, take MGN-3 two hours before or two hours after taking other supplements.

Regardless of treatment, recovery is much more likely if the emotional component
is addressed. Visit the Tapping DVD page to learn about the simplest and
most effective method to remove emotional bocks to your healing.

Side Effects

No side effects of MGN-3 have been reported.

Pets and Mushroom Supplements

Mushroom formulas are so popular for pets there is even a pet form of AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) a new mushroom formula that is starting to replace MGN-3, NK-9 - AHCC. You can order this at vitacost.comt**. Some people have also had success using MGN-3 as indicated by this email I received in January 2009:

Hi Paul,

We had a big dog, Dryphus back in 1995 that was diagnosed with stage 4 intestinal cancer. They wanted to put him down on the operating table and I said no. they said he would not live out the month. My mom told me about MGN-3 and I gave it to him religiously for two and half years. He died of old age.

I had recently read a book that MGN-3 was put out of business. What a shame and what a sham. Thanks for keeping people informed (of the new MGN-3)! Knowledge is power.


Dryphus Cancer Survivor


No compatibility issues for MGN-3 have been reported.

Year Available

Mamdooh H. Ghoneum, Ph.D., of Charles Drew University, Los Angeles, patented the production process in 1996.

The FDA Injunction

On 16 July 2004 the FDA issued a permanent injunction against Lane Labs the most widely known MGN-3 distributor for making medical claims without performing the outrageously expensive FDA approved clinical trails. (Only patentable pharmaceutical drugs can pay for such studies, plant based medicines cannot.) This has caused some people to believe that MGN-3 is no longer available. This is not correct. MGN-3 is still available from the Japanese manufacturer Daiwa Pharmaceutical. They call their product BioBran MGN-3. It is identical to the Lane Labs MGN-3.

Relative Cost per Month

Total cost for the first month 273 caps/50 = 5 ½ bottles = $258, total cost for subsequent months 4 caps x 30 = 120 caps / 50 X $47.24 = $113. If this seems too expensive, go down to the AHCC section.

Insure Success After Ordering MGN-3
Almost every cancer survivor who used alternatives used two or more treatments. After you order MGN-3, ask your body to select a cancer treatment to add to your protocol using the Alternative Cancer Test Kit*..

Avoid Critical Gaps in Your Protocol

There are many therapies described on this web site some of which will perfectly match your needs. However, this web site is huge, if you do not already know what to look for, you may not find what you need. For example, JR who had the two week remission (see the top of the Test Kit page) chose to follow all the therapies we developed during our phone consultation, but half of them he had not come across on my web site.

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Paul Winter


MGN-3 is not sold by this web site (ordering links are below). This web site offers the following Tools for Cancer Patients. The CD and DVD combo* is the best value. The phone consultation* is the most valuable.

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MGN-3 Ordering

Before you leave this web site to order MGN-3, please go to our Shopping cart and complete your order of any of the above tools. To return here, just use your Back button repeatedly.

You will need a number of bottles to start your MGN-3 treatment. Refer back to the Dosage and Ease of Use section on the MGN-3 page to calculate the number of bottles you need. There are many suppliers of MGN-3. Some are listed beelow in order of price. You may be able to buy BioBran MGN-3 at health food stores, but watch the price, MGN-3 has a suggested retail of $70. If that is too much, check out AHCC below the following distributors.

PeakImmune4 (Daiwa Pharmaceuticals formerly Biobran-MGN-3) 65 capsules of 250mg for $40,2460.html

Amazon (USA)
BioBran AKA BRM4 (Mgn-3) 60 Capsules of 250 Mg for $68 No toll free phone.

Net Nutri (New Jersey, USA)
MGN-3 50 capsules of 250mg for $69** Toll free 877 807-2007

The Wolfe Clinic (a Canadian company)
BioBran AKA BRM4 (MGN-3) 50 capsules of 250 mg for $65
Order page** or use their toll free phone
800 592-9653 International callers use 250 765-1824

AHCC Less Expensive and Perhaps More Effective than MGN-3

AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) by Pure Band works in a very similar manner as MGN-3. Some studies have shown that AHCC has about 20% increased activity over MGN-3 other studies have shown the opposite. It seems that some people will do better on MGN-3 and some on AHCC. These active ingredients of AHCC are obtained from mushrooms: Mycelia Extract, Candelilla Wax, Cyclodextrin, and Microcrystalline Cellulose. Click here for a web page containing links to published research regarding AHCC**. For more information on AHCC visit the Pure Brand web page for AHCC**. The best price we have found is from Quality AHCC** who ship very quickly via priority mail for free, $38 for 60 500 mg pills. Studies published in Society of Natural Immunity [1997], Anti-Cancer Drugs [vol. 9, pp.343-350, 1998], and International Journal of Immunology [XI (1), pp. 23-28, 1995] show that AHCC boosts immune response in the following ways:

Cancer Essentials

After you make an order, be sure to review the essentials to alternative cancer treatment* that go hand and hand with the principle alternative treatment.

The Best Present

Without a doubt the best present you can give a cancer patient is a spontaneous remission, consider learning more about hypnosis CDs and spontaneous remissions, click the CD.

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