The following misinformation is causing people to focus on selective protocols that might prevent them from addressing the most important aspect of cancer treatment, directly eliminating cancer cells. In order to protect cancer patients and maintain our integrity we must keep trying to rectify this misinformation.

General Misinformation

Conventional medicine produces information which is proven wrong half the time. It usually takes five years to realize that new information is wrong. You could do better with a Ouija Board. A famous example of this inaccuracy is the progesterone and estrogen mistake. For years doctors were prescribing progesterone to women instead of estrogen for a wide array of hormone related imbalances. Eventually, one brave doctor, John Lee, M.D., decided to buck the wide spread misinformation and saved the health of countless women.

We can all do our part by being suspicious of information that puts money into the pockets of too many people and by being open minded when someone presents verifiable information to refute some widely accepted information. Many people agreeing with something does not make it correct.

Immune System Misinformation

Considering that more than one out of three people get cancer and that typical cancer treatment costs $300,000, the profit potential is tremendous as long as a real cancer cure is not found. So it should come as no surprise "that most cancer research is largely a fraud and that the major cancer research organizations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them." - Linus Pauling PhD (Two-time Nobel Prize winner). But cancer researchers have gone even further by allowing misinformation beneficial to their industry, to remain uncorrected. In defense of cancer researchers it should be pointed out that those who push for truth when all others are going along with a deception will lose their grant money, their ability to repay their college loans, and their Mercedes. So there is very little motivation to promote the truth especially if it disagrees with public opinion.

The biggest misinformation in current cancer circles is that "the best way to fight cancer is to help the immune system kill the cancer cells." This misinformation has spread everywhere even though:

With that said, strengthening the immune system has helped cancer patients. This apparent contradiction is understood when you consider that bacteria and parasites damage the body where they reside and cause the body to go into repeated (chronic) healing. As explained in the trophoblast theory of cancer, repeated healing can eventually lead to cancer if secretions from the pancreas fail to stop trophoblast cells (used in chronic healing) from multiplying out of control. If the immune system can be augmented sufficiently to remove most of the bacteria and parasites in the body, the amount of healing happening in the body is greatly reduced. This reduces the strain on the pancreas caused by all that healing activity. Now the limited output (due to modern diet) of the pancreas can concentrate on the tumor which is just a large collection of trophoblast cells. More on the trophoblast theory of cancer:*

Keep in mind that the immune system is not killing the cancer cells. The immune system is killing the bacteria and parasites that are causing trophoblast cells (cancer) to proliferate out of control due to a
poorly performing pancreas.

The fraud of immune system cancer research is muddied with statements like this from Nature magazine December 2011:

"These immune treatments have been well-established in oncology for several decades, and continued advances in antibody and T-cell engineering should further enhance their clinical impact in the years to come."

In other words, they have been trying to get the immune system to show some anti-cancer activity for many years, but they still have nothing to show or they would quote some success instead say how well established it is. The reason why immune system research for cancer is not making progress is because the research concentrats on the immune system working directly on cancer cells. It cannot and it will not. The only reason immune system boosting has produced effects on cancer patients is that the immune system is working on the cause of the cncer such as bacteria, parisites, and other microbes which are producing long term damage.

This information about the immune system was reported in order to prevent cancer patients from concentrating on boosting the immune system and purchasing supplements with little direct effect on cancer cells. It is hoped that this will free up cancer patients to spend more time on treatments that work directly on cancer cells such as strengthening the pancreas. Of course a two pronged approach is best, but people need to know what they are working on, the cause of the cancer cells development or the cancer cells themselves. Both are vitally important.

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