Some people feel a rush of energy when they step outside, they often think it is the fresh air.  Cleaner air is not likely to have such a fast effect.  This rush of energy is more likely due to the river of flowing energy that we are stepping into. This energy is the same as the chi energy** that heals us and it does not flow well in the boxes we live in.  When we step outside where energy flows more strongly, it lifts our spirit. Imagine what it is doing to our bodies.


Contrary to popular belief, sunlight has the highest success rate for:

  • Safely stopping tumor growth, not destroying tumors (the only effect that conventional medicine recognizes), but stopping growth.
  • Preventing cancer by stimulating the body's vitamin D production.
  • Preventing influenza like the bird flu also by vitamin D production.

Fair skin and the number of moles are the major risk factor for melanoma (skin cancer), not sunlight overexposure. The details on the definitive study on this subject are in the , but first read about the healing effect of sunlight:

In 1959. Jane C Wright, directing cancer research at Bellevue Memorial Medical Center in New York City, instructed fifteen cancer patients to stay outdoors as much as possible that summer in natural sunlight without wearing their glasses, particularly without sunglasses and avoid florescent lights (like the lights in every hospital room) and television. By that Autumn, the tumors in 14 of 15 had not grown, and some patients had gotten better. It was discovered that the one patient that didn’t have good results had not fully understood the instructions - while she had not worn sunglasses, she had continued to wear her prescription glasses. This slight unbalancing of light into her eyes was enough to stop the benefits enjoyed by the other fourteen.

Glass has a significant effect of light spectrum. If you sit behind glass, you will not tan even if the sun is directly on your skin.

Indirect Sunlight Into the Eyes Guidelines
You really can't get enough of this type of light.  Walking in full sunlight might might reduce time needed to get full benefit described above.  Wearing a hat with a brim in bright direct sunlight should be sufficient UV protection.  The UV problem for eyes is greatly over exaggerated to sell sunglasses which, like sunscreens, should be used sparingly. Visit the Healthy Sunscreens* section of the prevention page.

Why Outside

The reason why it is so important to move outside is based in part on the most successful cancer treatment ever attempted. You can read about it at the top of the Sunlight section.

Paul's old garden back in California
where he healed so quickly.

Try this experiment on a nice day:

  1. Sense how your body feels. For some people this might be a level of joy, pain, nervousness, or peacefulness. Don't try to identify the feeling just notice its intensity.
  2. Give this feeling a number from one to ten with ten being most positive and one being most negative.
  3. Step outside and face away from any concentration of straight lines if you can.
  4. While looking in the direction of most nature, sense again how your body feels and try and give it a number from one to ten.

If you an immediately feel the difference in your body when you move outside, imagine of how much such a move can change your health.

Moving outside is one of the most healthy things you can do and keeping lens off your eyes multiplies the effect.

Human Touch

Every nursing school in The United States teaches the importance of human touch. They call it therapeutic touch and without it many people would not survive. In order to have extended human touch time, you need a double wide chase lounge. Even if you are sitting along, the chase lounge is much more comfortable and lets you spread out your toys or yourself.

You can't beat the warmth of a friend on colder days. Sit together under a down duvet or an opened sleeping bag (the old style flannel type is still sold by Colman). To stay warm you need to sit on thick padding.

Online at Amazon $519

Online at $250
Free shipping. Cushion sold separately.

Online at eWins (these pads may be too thin, put one inch
Styrofoam under the pad) $480

My lounger with the cover thrown over a low branch which makes shade and keeps
me dry when it rains. This is the same lounger as the one above with the red stripped
cushions, but I cut off one of the arms to make getting in and out easier.

Economy Chase Lounges

An economical approach to the comfort of a double-wide chase lounge is to purchase two singles and place a futon on top.  This sturdy chase lounge with five back positions costs $60 at Beach Mall, but you can find similar locally for even less.  You may find it necessary to lay a sheet of plywood across the lounges before adding the futon, but the plywood does not need to be thick.

The above lounge is 23" wide. Two would hold a twin size futon (39" wide) with three extra inches on each side. Plywood would allow you to use a full size futon (54" wide).  This web site sells many types of futons and has free shipping.

Bug City

In some areas, moving outside is difficult due to excessive bugs.  The solution is to suspend a mosquito net.  You can suspend it by running a rope from one tree to your house or another tree or you can throw it over an umbrella. Mosquito Net $30** at Bath and Beyond.

A bit more practical

Coleman Mosquito Coils work well in Arizona where we only have a few pests. $2 for ten, two hour coils at Walmart.

Keeping Warm

For somewhere between $45 and $145 (plus shipping) you can be outside down to very cold temperatures. 12 volt DC electric clothing or blankets allow you to greatly reduce the electromagnetic pollution caused by the usual AC power but they require a 12 volt source such as this 12V DC Power Adapter** for $25. This adaptor has a 5 amp max output to power up to 60 watts. The same company sells a 12 volt, 42" X 58" electric blanket for $35, but it has a timer that turns it off after 40 minutes which can be annoying when you fall asleep and wake up cold.

The new electric vests have a carbon fiber fabric that serves as the heating element which provides very even heat, but they cost $110.

Too expensive? Try:

The vest is warmer because you can heat your front, back and neck, and put a jacket over it. Plus it has no annoying timer. However, the vest requires some wiring skill and a cigarette lighter plug ($10). The kid next door should be able to wire it.

Tourmaster Synergy Electric Vest (52 watts).
The best price can be found at Bobs Cycle Supply** Minnesota where they know cold. $110.

Or try a chiminea. They:

  • Radiate a tremendous amount of heat.
  • Aren't expensive (some are less than $100).
  • Keep the smoke out of your eyes better than low fires without a chimney

When friends visit, take them outside and barbeque some individual chunks of meat on a stick. Delicious fun and cancer patients need to keep their protein intake up but only once a day. You don't need to wear glasses to talk to your friends.

If you cannot burn wood outside in your area, go to the Outdoor Propane Heat section below.


Outdoor Propane Heat

These heaters attach to the top of those propane bottles used for barbeques. The beauty of these heaters is that the heat is directional; a lot of the heat is infrared so it heats objects in front of the heater. This means that less heat is lost to the sky. A person wanting balanced light into their eyes would place this heater to the side of their body.

 Mr. Heater MH12T Single Element
Mr. Heater MH24T Double Element

Propane bottle cost is not included
in the prices below.

$43 at Ace hardware**

Three heat settings: 8, 12 and 14,000 BTU per hour.. 30 hour burning time at 14,000. 14,000 BTU per hour is the same heat as a typical electric heater that pulls 4,000 watts, that's hot.

$92 at Ace Hardware**

Six heat settings: 8, 12, 14, 16, 24 and 28,000 BTU per hour. 15 hour burring time at 28,000. 28,000 BTU per hour is the same as a typical electric heater that pulls 8,000 watts, that's insane heat.

These heaters should not be left out in the rain. They do not come with covers, but a wooden box that fits part way down the assembly should be enough protection.

These heaters are also available from Amazon for about 10% more plus shipping, search for "Mr. Heater."

Keeping Cool Up

When the temperature rises, you can stay outside in comfort with a misting fan.  The best cooling method is to put the fan on oscillate and lay down so the breeze plays over you from head to feet,  Heavenly.

The model on the right connects to any standard garden hose and is sold at Improvements, for $130.

The Reader's Responsibility and
Disclaimer for

This web site is not intended to provide medical advice to anyone regarding the type of cancer treatment they should use. This web site simply provides educational information about various cancer treatments. The decision to take alternative or conventional treatments is your responsibility. It is never the choice of a doctor, health advisor, or writer. It is your body and anyone who tells you what treatment to take instead of providing information about all your treatment options and letting you decide, is abusing their position.

A patient should realize that delaying the use of conventional treatments can reduce the effectiveness of these treatments. This is because most conventional treatments have dangerous side effects so their use must be limited. For example, if you delay the use of chemo to shrink a tumor, the tumor may grow to a size that would require more chemo than you can safely take. This is not true for most alternative treatments which can usually be given for years without dangerous side effects.

To complicate matters, taking conventional treatments before using alternative treatments, can often reduce the effectiveness of the alternative treatments. This is because conventional treatments, such as chemo and radiation often create so much damage to a person's body that the body is too weak to support the use of alternative treatments.

With such complications to consider, smart patients are making treatment decisions in a relaxed, pressure-free environment. A doctor's office is far from a pressure-free environment. Smart patients are making treatment decision at home, alone without anyone around to make the decision excessively emotional and with all their information at their fingertips.

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