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If you are not interested in navigation aids for this huge web site, scroll down to the people pictures.

Jumping Problem
Some browsers have a problem going to a specific location on another page and will jump up after initially going to the correct location. Most pages on have a Table of Contents that can help you find the correct section if you click a link to another page but do not arrive in the section you expected. Links to other pages have a single asterisk.

All the text links on this web site are blue or green (visited) and underlined. If a link is followed by:

*  The link goes to a different page on this web site,
The link opens another broswer window and goes to a different web site.

Links without asterisks take you to sections on the same page. Exceptions (links that do not have asterisks but go to other pages):

  • All of the links at the very top of a page.
  • The links near the top of the Home page.

There is a "Quick Nav" link to this Quick Navigation page on the top of most pages.

Most graphics are linked to additional information. If you click on them, you will probably go to another page.

Navigate Using the Comparison Table

The Comparison Table* is located on the Compare Treatments page. It looks like this:

Each page has a Compare Treatments link on the top line under the banner.  All the cells on the table are linked to one of the 12 pages that describe each of the 12 treatments. For example, clicking on the number 5 on the 714x row in the Studies column, brings you to the Studies section on the 714x page. To return to the Comparison table, click your Back button.

Rows — On the left side of the Comparison Table is a vertical list of the 12 treatment. Clicking on any of these treatments takes you to the top of the page that describes that treatment. Clicking on any of the numbers in the row of a treatment takes you to the related section on that treatment's page.

Columns — Across the top of the table, written sideways, are the column headings. They happen to correspond to the sections on the pages that describe each treatment. For example, the cell in the Effectiveness column in the Cantron row is linked to the Effectiveness section of the Cantron page. To better understand the information that the columns connect to, click on the column heading for a pop-up definition.

The sound of water
flowing induces a
healing state of mind

Click on the link that fits your needs:

.Friend or Relative with Cancer

Studious Visitor or Patient


Web Surfer

  • Prevention* from beautiful (pendants) to the ultra simple (sunlight).
  • Collect general information* about alternative cancer treatments such as why conventional doctors can't prescribe them.
  • Search and see what you find on your own.


* Link goes to a different page on this web site,
** The link goes to a different web site and opens a new browser window or tab.
Links without asterisks take you to sections on the same page.

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You can find a search box at the top of most pages in  You do not need to use quotes when entering multiple words; the search system will first look for all the entered words in a phrase and then for pages that contain the words not necessarily in a phrase.

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