Cantron or Protocel for AIDS

If you think you already know all the protocols for Cantron or Protocel for AIDS, please consider that one study showed the 30% of the people taking Cantron or Protocel were making serious protocol mistakes. Also, you may find that you are not able to perform one of the critical protocols and should therefore, not order Cantron or Protocel.

There is not enough information about taking Cantron or Protocel and AIDS to provide detailed protocols; you are on the cutting edge. I have a report about an African study where Cantron or Protocel was given for only 30 days and all traces of AIDS were gone, but I don’t have any way to verify that report so I will not  release it.

Other case histories with viral infections and Cantron or Protocel indicate that Cantron or Protocel is excellent at knocking the virus down in as short a time as three days. However, the virus does sometimes return. The good news is that Cantron or Protocel seems to be as effective the second and third times. Eventually, the virus may become so week that it can’t launch another uprising.

It seems that Cantron or Protocel is most effective when the virus is most active and may not be so effective when the virus is dormant. If you can keep me informed of your experience, I can be more helpful to future users. Click my name to email Paul Winter.

Viral Load

As Cantron or Protocel starts to work, your viral load will increase, this is because the protective layer of the virus is dissolving so more viruses are detectable. An initial increase in viral load indicates that Cantron or Protocel is working - time to celebrate. In two months, at the most, your viral load should go down.

How to Take Cantron or Protocel and What to Avoid

Cantron or Protocel is a tool; it must be used correctly.

SHAKE AND DISPENSE IMMEDIALELY. Cantron or Protocel settles very fast so shake it before each dose and dispense immedialely. Do not eat for 15 minutes before or after taking Cantron or Protocel.

You can mix Cantron or Protocel with "good" water (not tap water) in advance. This is most useful for taking it at night. It is not necessary to mix Cantron or Protocel with anything, but an ounce of water or juice takes the bite out of its taste.

Take a quarter teaspoon of the Cantron or Protocel liquid at exact intervals (the less exact, the more you may feel tired). Every 4 hours and if you want to sleep eight hours straight you can double the dose you take right before bed and skip the middle-of-the-night dose. This means that you will take Cantron or Protocel five times a day with the last dose being one half teaspoon.

It is essential that Cantron or Protocel be taken very regularly. Consider purchasing these two items:

  • A watch with a countdown timer such that when the alarm goes off and you press any button to turn it off, the timer starts again automatically. The only way to turn off the timer/alarm is with a more complicated command.
  • A kitchen timer that allows you to set the time in one hour increments as well as minutes. Use this timer when the patient may be asleep when it is time for the next dose.

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Avoid These

In order to insure consistency, this section has been replaced with a link to the Compatibility section of the Cantron page (same as the Compatibility Section of the Protocel page).

Upset Stomach

If Cantron or Protocel upsets a person's stomach, Cantron or Protocel can be taken rectally.

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Germanium 132

Germanium 132 seems to boost the anti-viral effects of Cantron or Protocel. Germanium works in two ways:

  • It boosts the immune system (not that significantly)
  • It enhances the oxygen supply to all the cells in the body (more important)

If you ignore the rest period recommended by some people, Germanium looses its effect on the immune system, however that loss is more than compensated by the continued oxygenation of the cells. Therefore, taking Germanium continuously while taking Cantron or Protocel produces the best results.

Currently, germanium is available at most health food stores and from the Vitamin Factory 800-619-1199 where larger doses can be obtained.

While some sources suggest a dose of 100mg taken three times a day, there are currently no human trials completed or planned for AIDS or HIV-related illness, so the efficacy and dosage of Ge-132 are unknown. Ge-132 has no known toxicities.

Increase Absorption with Willard’s Water

Willard’s Water decreases the surface tension of the water you mix with Cantron or Protocel and allows greater permeability into every cell. This seems especially important when fighting viruses which can hide deep in the recesses of our bodies, but is also important when fighting cancer. The $16, eight ounce bottle makes eight gallons of treated water. For herpes a half gallon is enough; you don’t have to use Willard’s Water every time. For instance, it may be hard to bring it to work where mixing Cantron or Protocel with a little good quality drinking water will be fine.

Final Reminder

Memorize the list of vitamins to avoid. Taking vitamins that interfere with Cantron or Protocel is the most common mistake.

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