This page contains protocols for Cantron, Protocel and complementary supplements. Read all the protocols before ordering; you may not be able to perform some critical part and should therefore not order Cantron or Protocel. Case histories show that many people fail to use treatments correctly because they forgot some aspect of these protocols.

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What to Avoid
As A Preventative
Taking with Chemo
Response Time

PSA Numbers for Prostate Cancer Patients
Radiation and Glutathione
Radiation and Decadron for Brain and Lung Cancer Protocols for Complementary Treatments:

Hydrazine Sulfate
Paw Paw
Germanium 132
Willard's Water


We have started to suspect that the slow start of Cantron or Protocel may be due to their attraction to heavy metals. If heavy metals take up Cantron or Protocel, a delay may be experienced before any effects can be noticed, see Response Time below . Some people are going to their local health food stores and purchasing Zeolite and using it while they wait for Cantron or Protocel to arrive. It is not known if Zeolite will chelate some of the ingredients of Cantron or Protocel so people are stopping Zeolite after they start Cantron or Protocel.

Dosage for Cantron and Protocel

Shake for five seconds . Cantron and Protocel mix easily, but settles very fast so shake and dispense immediately. Avoid eating for 15 minutes before or after taking Cantron or Protocel. Reducing the amount or frequency of Cantron or Protocel makes it ineffective as an anti-tumor agent.


Take a quarter of a teaspoon of the Cantron or Protocel liquid at exact intervals. Increase the dose slightly if a person weights more than 250 pounds.

Cantron Pills
A person takes one Cantron pill on the same schedule as one liquid dose.


You can mix Cantron or Protocel with a small amount (less than one ounce) of good water (free of chlorine) or juice to take the bite out of its taste. For a middle of the night dose, you can leave Cantron or Protocel standing in room temperature (covered to avoid evaporation) for hours after you have mixed it with water (not juice). The WebND Renewal and Wellness web site (Protocel distributors) and instructions that come with Protocel says to take it immediately after mixing. This is not correct; they have confused "dispensing immediately" with taking it immediately.

Regardless of treatment, recovery is much more likely if the emotional component
is addressed. Visit the Tapping DVD page to learn about the simplest and
most effective method to remove emotional bocks to your healing.

Schedule for Taking Cantron or Protocel

Every FOUR hours is recommended but if uninterrupted sleep is required, double the dose right before bed and skip the middle-of-the-night dose. This means six doses a day of one quarter a teaspoon. However, Protocel formula EJS-50 (one of the two Protocel formulas) states that one dose every 5 ½ hours throughout the day ( four times a day) is acceptable.

Six Hour Experiment
The original recommended interval was six hours and many people have used this interval with success. The interval was reduced to four hours to try to make Cantron and Protocel effective for more people. Perhaps this has worked, but there are many people for whom the six hour interval will work just fine. A possible way to test the six hour interval on yourself is to take Cantron or Protocel with a four hour interval and if you get the weak side effect, switch to the six hour interval and see if the weakness dissipates. If weakness disappears it means that you need the four hour interval. Be aware that the weakness seems to subside after two or three weeks so you must perform this experiment early.

Protocel and Glioblastomas

People with glioblastomas have the most success using Protocel when they follow this approach:

1. Protocel 23 for six weeks.
2. After six weeks on Protocel 23, switch to Protocel 50.

Dosage Aids

It is essential that Cantron or Protocel be taken very regularly. I recommend you buy these two items:

  • A watch with a countdown timer such that when the alarm goes off and you press any button to turn it off, the timer starts again automatically. The only way to turn off the timer/alarm is with a more complicated command. This is a fairly common function of Casio and Seiko sport watches.
  • A kitchen timer that allows you to set the time in one hour increments as well as minutes. Use this timer when the patient may be asleep when it is time for the next dose.

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Upset Stomach

If Cantron or Protocel upsets a person's stomach, Cantron or Protocel has been successfully taken rectally.


The manufacturers of Cantron or Protocel cannot recommend this method because is not consistent with labeling as a food supplement. The method used to administer Cantron or Protocel rectally has been:

  1. Fill a plastic dropper with 1/4 teaspoon of Cantron or Protocel.
  2. Insert the dropper just past the rectal muscle.
  3. Take about five seconds to dispense the Cantron or Protocel.
  4. Avoid bowel movements for at least 20 minutes.

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Print The Most Important Information

The information from here to a line of ******** with the Pet Scan message is critical information. Follow these critical steps if you are going to order Cantron or Protocel:

  1. Bookmark this page so you can find it easily, the bookmark name will be CANTRON or PROTOCEL Protocols.
  2. Go to the Critical Protocols for Cantron and Protocel page.
  3. Print out the information on that page such that the information between the lines of ******** with the Pet Scan message, is on one piece of paper (you may have to adjust your margins).
  4. Place the resultant page onto your refrigerator so you can read it often.
  5. Return to this page by clicking the link at the bottom of the printing page.

PET Scans are better than CAT Scans

As Cantron or Protocel works and tumors start to break down, they can appear to get larger. At certain times CAT scans can't distinguish between growing tumors and tumors that are breaking down, but a PET scan can verify the breakdown of tumors.

Avoid These When Taking Cantron or Protocel

In order to insure consistency, this section has been replaced with a link to the Compatibility section of the Cantron page (same as the Compatibility Section of the Protocel page).


Cancer cells use glucose to live and grow. They require eight times more glucose than a normal cell. Therefore, it is important to avoid high levels of glucose in your blood. The best way to do that is to avoid refined sugar and easy to digest grains (eat whole grains only). More on Diet below.

***************** PET Scans are better than CAT Scans *****************

Go to this page to print out a copy of this section.

Cantron or Protocel As A Preventative

Some people want to continue Cantron or Protocel after remission. I know of one person who continued to take Cantron or Protocel as a preventative for five years now after his remission; no side effects have been observed. However, if you reduce the amount or frequency of Cantron or Protocel, Cantron or Protocel WILL NOT WORK as a tumor treatment, it will work as a powerful antioxidant.

When taking a quarter of a teaspoon of Cantron or Protocel once or twice a day, it will provide strong antioxidant performance. However, it will not be effective against tumors. To be effective against tumors, you must take it every four to six hours. After four hours Cantron is mostly gone from your bloodstream. A quarter of a teaspoon will saturate a person's body with Cantron or Protocel. Taking more then a quarter of a teaspoon at any one time will not increase the effect of Cantron or Protocel.


Cancer cells use glucose to live and grow. They require eight times more glucose than a normal cell. Therefore, it is important to avoid high levels of glucose in your blood. The best way to do that is to avoid refined sugar and easy to digest grains (eat whole grains only). More on Diet below.

You can also make it more difficult for tumors to grow by following a diet that makes your body more alkaline and less acidic. Use the chart and pH test found on to balance your body's pH. You can download this MS Word file of an acid/alkali food list developed from the alkaline/acid food lists on this and this web site.

A high-protein diet including animal protein and animal fat helps your body rebuild as it removes lysed tumor mass. The only food that contains a complete protein is meat. If you object to eating meat, you can eat eggs. Be careful of soy beans, they prevent the body from absorbing minerals. Since you must avoid Selenium you can't take mineral supplements which are necessary if you eat a lot of soy.

For more cancer diet information go to the Diets for Cancer section of the Home page.

Cantron or Protocel and Chemo

Although Cantron or Protocel reduces the side effects of chemo and does not interfere with chemo, it is impossible for Cantron or Protocel to work while taking chemo. For months after chemo treatments, it may be difficult for Cantron or Protocel to work. Cantron or Protocel does start right away, but more slowly after chemo. Even fairly healthy people can take many months to recover from chemo.

If chemo is taken with Cantron or Protocel, the reduced side-effects caused by Cantron or Protocel may cause the doctor to increase the chemo dosage until normal side effects appear. This is correct protocol because the higher chemo dosage, the more cancer cells are killed. Unfortunately, chemo almost never gets all the cells, that is why surgery after chemo is very effective, it gets the last bits of tumor. However, most people take chemo after surgery. Here, once again conventional medicine does things backwards.

You may have heard of many famous persons who did well with chemo. That is because chemo works the best when enough is given to bring the patient to the border of death. Such dangerous chemo levels require closer monitoring than doctors want to give to most patients. Famous people have a much higher five year survivor rate with chemo because of their doctor’s increased attention due to the patient’s fame. So if chemo must be taken, do what ever it takes to get that extra attention.

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Response Time

Response Time is addressed in detail in the "Response Time" sections of both the Cantron* and Protocel* pages.

PSA Numbers for Prostate Cancer Patients

PAS numbers can escalate for a month or more while taking Cantron or Protocel or Paw Paw. This actually means that they are working.

Radiation, Cantron or Protocel, and Glutathione

Cantron or Protocel seems to enhance the effects of radiation which does not hamper Cantron or Protocel. If you take glutathione for the purpose of minimizing the side effects of radiation you should know that glutathione is the only anti-oxidant that cancer cells can absorb. Thus, the cancer cells benefit from glutathione protection against radiation. But, there is good news! If the patient is also given WHEY protein (about 30 grams), twice a day a couple of days before, during, and for a short time after radiation, the whey protein has an effect of flushing the glutathione out of the cancer cells and at the same time, increasing the glutathione in the good cells.

Radiation and Decadron for Brain and Lung Cancer

Decadron is given to cancer patients who had radiation to lungs or the brain to reduce the swelling. However, after two or three weeks decadron starts to cause more swelling. Some doctors don’t know this and continue to prescribe decadron after three weeks. Manage your own treatment to avoid this common mistake.

Radiation is a poor choice for brain or lung cancer because the blistering oozes and spreads cancer cells.

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Now that you know the protocols, you can go to the final ordering page. or read a little more about additional supplements below.

Additional Supplements

Before going to the final ordering page, consider which additional supplements you want to take and write them down. This section contains information about:

Hydrazine Sulfate

Studies have shown this compound has mild anti-tumor effects and, more importantly, it blocks the debilitating side effects of tumors. Tumors take some of their energy from glucose by turning it into lactic acid which must be broken down by the liver. Unfortunately, the liver converts lactic acid to glucose. This cycle is called cachexia and is responsible for the wasting away that is typical of cancer patients. Hydrazine Sulfate is taken to stop this wasting away and restore a feeling of well being as reported by studies in Russia ( from The Cancer Industry by Moss).

Potential side effects include dizziness, drowsiness, nausea and mild sensations of itching of the skin. As with an adverse reaction to any substance, your judgment must be relied upon to discontinue use and consult with your physician immediately.

Dosage is 2 to 3 capsules per day. Dosage details

Cost: For persons under 125 lbs: 30mg

For persons over 125 lbs: 60mg

If you only want to order Hydrazine Sulfate, proceed to the Ordering section of the Hydrazine Sulfate page.

Now that you know the protocols, you can go to the final ordering page.

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Paw Paw

Some users of Cantron or Protocel have found that Cantron or Protocel stops working after awhile. Some light has finally been shed on this phenomenon. It turns out that any tumor can develop multi-drug resistant cells (MDR) at any stage. These unique cells are able to overcome the effect of Cantron or Protocel and the tumor starts growing again. Paw Paw affects the cells of the body the same way Cantron or Protocel does. However, Paw Paw, achieves this affect through a different mechanism. Also, Paw Paw is effective against MDR cells.

Taking Cantron or Protocel with Paw Paw

One of the ways that Paw Paw works is by reducing ATP energy.  It works in other ways also.  Cantron works primarily by reducing ATP.  Because of this connection anything that interfere with Cantron or Protocel may interfere with Paw Paw. See Avoid These When Taking Cantron or Protocel a few screens above.

Stager the Starts

Some people respond very quickly to Cantron or Protocel. In this case the body may have excessive waste material to remove. Paw Paw can increase the response of your body and overload the waste removal system. To present this overload, some people start Paw Paw 3 to 5 weeks after starting Cantron or Protocel.

Recent Increase in Paw Paw Dosage

In March 2009, the Paw Paw produced by Natures Sunshine had reduced concentration of active ingredients due to a low yield harvest. To compensate Natures Sunshine increased the number of capsules in the bottle. Now the recommended dose for the new 8 mg of Asimina triloba per Paw Paw capsules is 2 capsules three times a day with a bit of food to avoid nausea.


Since the current* recommended dose for Cantron or Protocel is six times a day, you would skip taking Paw Paw every other Cantron or Protocel dose. Take them about 15 minutes apart because Protocel should not be take within 15 minutes of eating and Paw Paw does better when taken with a bit of food.

*Previously, the recommend dose for Cantron or Protocel was four times a day and many people recovered from cancer with that schedule. The schedule was increased to try and help the poeple for whom Cantron or Protocel didn't work. I use the four time a day schedule.

Some People Still Use the Six Hour Schedule
The developer of Cantron and Protocel said to take it every six hours, but the current thinking is that taking it every fours hours may be better for some people. However, if you are also taking Paw Paw, it may be significantly easier to go to every six hours for Cantron or Protocel as well.

Since Paw Paw is fat soluble it will work better when you eat something with it. The Cantron and Protocel protocols say to avoid eating for 15 minutes. However, it is better to take both treatments close to each other. Therefore, a person can take Cantron or Protocel, wait fifteen minutes, then have some food and take Paw Paw. This works best when you use the every six hour schedule for Cantron or Protocel.

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Germanium 132

Germanium 132 seems to boost the anti-viral and anti-cancer effects of Cantron or Protocel and has been credited with anti-cancer properties. Germanium works in two ways:

  • It boosts the immune system (not that significantly)
  • It enhances the oxygen supply to all the cells in the body (more important)

According to the Protocel chemist, Dr. Tony Bell PhD chemistry, if you ignore the rest period recommended by some people, Germanium looses its effect on the immune system, however that loss is more than compensated by the continued oxygenation of the cells. Therefore, he stresses not to take any breaks in the Germanium medication.

While some sources suggest a dose of 100mg taken three times a day, there are currently no human trials completed or planned for AIDS or HIV-related illness, so the efficacy and dosage of Ge-132 are unknown. Ge-132 has no known toxicities and no conflicts with other alternative cancer treatments are known.

Willard’s Water to Increase Absorption

Willard’s Water decreases the surface tension of the water you mix with Cantron or Protocel and allows greater permeability into every cell. This seems especially important when fighting viruses which can hide deep in the recesses of our bodies, but is also important when fighting cancer. The $16, eight ounce bottle makes eight gallons of treated water. Most people use the water everytime they take any supplement.

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