Critical Protocols for Cantron and Protocel (go to the bottom of this page for use instructions)

***************** PET Scans are better than CAT Scans *****************

As Cantron or Protocel works and tumors start to break down, they can appear to get larger. At certain times CAT scans can't distinguish between growing tumors and tumors that are breaking down, but a PET scan can.

Avoid These When Taking Cantron or Protocel

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Cancer cells use glucose to live and grow. They require eight times more glucose than a normal cell. Therefore, it is important to avoid high levels of glucose in your blood. The best way to do that is to avoid refined sugar and easy to digest grains (eat whole grains only).

PSA Numbers for Prostate Cancer Patients

PSA numbers can escalate for a month or more while taking Cantron or Protocel or Paw Paw. This actually means that they are working.

***************** PET Scans are better than CAT Scans *****************

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