Cancell Protocols for Other Conditions

Cancell has demonstrated effectiveness against: lupus, endimetriosis, Crohn's disease, fibromyalgia, and has some success treating: ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Leukemia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Scleroderma.

How to Take Cancell and What to Avoid

Cancell settles very fast so shake and dispense quickly. Avoid eating for 15 minutes before or after taking Cancell. Reducing the amount or frequency of Cancell makes it completely ineffective as a treatment or preventative.


Take a quarter of a teaspoon of the Cancell liquid at exact intervals. Increase the dose slightly if a person weights more than 250 pounds.


You can mix Cancell with "good" water in advance. Do not use tap water because the chlorine can interfere with Cancell. Mixing with water is most useful for taking it at night because the mixture can sit for hours very little evaporation especially if covered. It is not necessary to mix Cancell with anything, but an ounce of water or juice takes the bite out of its taste.


The manufacturers of Cancell cannot recommend this method because is not consistent with labeling as a food supplement. To administer rectally:

  1. Using the same dose as above, insert the dropper or syringe just past the rectal muscle.
  2. Take about five seconds to dispense the Cancell.
  3. Avoid bowel movements (close the doggie door) for at least 20 minutes.


Every FOUR hours. You can double the dose right before bed and skip the middle-of-the-night dose. This means five doses a day with the last dose being one quarter a teaspoon (for small animals). This schedule may be the most effective, but it every four hours is too difficult to manage, many people including myself have had good results by taking Cancell every six hours. Six hours was the original schedule recommended by the developer and used for years.

Dosage Aids

It is essential that Cancell be taken very regularly. I recommend you buy these two items:

  • A watch with a countdown timer such that when the alarm goes off and you press any button to turn it off, the timer starts again automatically. The only way to turn off the timer/alarm is with a more complicated command.
  • A kitchen timer that allows you to set the time in one hour increments as well as minutes. Use this timer when the patient may be asleep when it is time for the next dose.

For a page to printout that has all the restrictions, go to the Critical Protocols for Cantron and Protocel page.

Continued Use

Some people want to continue Cancell after remission. I know of one person who continues to take Cancell as a preventative (five years now) after his remission; no side effects have been observed. However, if you reduce the amount or frequency of Cancell, CANCELL WILL NOT WORK as a tumor treatment.

Willard’s Water for Increased Absorption

Willard’s Water decreases the surface tension of the water you mix with Cancell and allows greater permeability into every cell. This seems especially important when fighting viruses which can hide deep in the recesses of our bodies, but is also important when fighting cancer. The $16, eight ounce bottle makes eight gallons of treated water. For herpes a half gallon is enough; you don’t have to use Willard’s Water every time. For instance, it may be hard to bring it to work where mixing Cancell with a little good quality drinking water will be fine.

Final Reminder

Memorize the list of vitamins to avoid. Taking vitamins that interfere with Cancell is the most common mistake.

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