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Cancell has demonstrated strong anti-viral abilities against most viruses including colds, flu, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

When To Take Cancell

Cancell as soon as the viral infection starts. If you start Cancell three or four days after the start of the infection, it may not be as effective.

How Long to Take Cancell for Viral Infection

This is the approach I use for viral infections:

1. I take Cancell until symptoms disapear and then for two more days.

2. If the infection reoccurs, I start Cancell immediately and take it for a week past the disappearance of symptoms. I only had to do this once.

I only had to perform step 2 once.

3. If the infection reoccurs again you must decide how much to increase the treatment duration or try a different treatment. The manufacturers may have additional guidelines.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) can be caused by a virus or by the body’s over-reaction and continued reaction to a viral invasion that is already run its course. If CFS is due to an actual virus, Cancell can help you to recover in a few days, but if CFS is due to an imam system that will not shut off, Cancell will not help.

How Long to Take Cancell for CFS

More study is needed in this area so you own feelings may be a good indication. With that said, the most accepted belief is that, for viruses, Cancell should be taken for one month. If symptoms reappear, it is usually the last of the virus trying to repopulate. Start taking Cancell again for one month. It may take three months, but ground is not lost by stopping and waiting for another viral rally because the viruses are more venerable when they leave their dormant state and try and reproduce.

Medical Research Products (MRP) feels that it should be taken for six months, but they manufacture it and this does not give you an opportunity to evaluate the effects of taking Cancell.

How to Take Cancell and What to Avoid

Cancell settles very fast so shake and dispense quickly. Avoid eating for 15 minutes before or after taking Cancell. Reducing the amount or frequency of Cancell makes it ineffective as a treatment.


Take a quarter of a teaspoon of the Cancell liquid at exact intervals. Increase the dose slightly if a person weights more than 250 pounds.


You can mix Cancell with "good" water in advance. Do not use tap water because the chlorine can interfere with Cancell. Mixing with water is most useful for taking it at night because the mixture can sit for hours very little evaporation especially if covered. It is not necessary to mix Cancell with anything, but an ounce of water or juice takes the bite out of its taste.


The manufacturers of Cancell cannot recommend this method because is not consistent with labeling as a food supplement. To administer rectally:

  1. Using the same dose as above, insert the dropper or syringe just past the rectal muscle.
  2. Take about five seconds to dispense the Cancell.
  3. Avoid bowel movements (close the doggie door) for at least 20 minutes.


Every FOUR hours but, double the dose right before bed and skip the middle-of-the-night dose. This means five doses a day with the last dose being one quarter a teaspoon (for small animals). This schedule may be the most effective, but it every four hours is too difficult to manage, try the second schedule.

Doseage Aids

It is essential that Cancell be taken very regularly. I recommend you buy these two items:

Print this web page and cut out the section from here to the next line of ******* and post it onto the refrigerator.

********************* ******************** ******************

Foods to Take

Take protein to support the action of Cancell. Only meat and eggs are a complete protein.

Foods to Avoid

Avoid alcohol. Be careful of soy beans, they prevent the body from absorbing minerals. Since you must avoid Selenium you can't take mineral supplements which are necessary if you eat significant amounts of soy.

Vitamins and Treatments to Avoid

In order to insure consistency, this section has been replaced with a link to the Compatibility section of the Cantron page (same as the Compatibility Section of the Protocel page).

Upset Stomach

If Cancell upsets a person's stomach, Cancell can be taken rectally.

********************* ******************** ******************

Continued Use

Some people want to continue Cancell after remission. I know of one person who continues to take Cancell as a preventative (five years now) after his remission; no side effects have been observed. However, if you reduce the amount or frequency of Cancell, CANCELL WILL NOT WORK as a turmor treatment.

Boost Anti Viral Effects

Germanium 132 seems to boost the anti viral effects of Cancell. Currently, germanium is available on the market at most health food stores. While some sources suggest a dose of 100mg taken three times a day, there are currently no human trials completed or planned for AIDS or HIV-related illness, so the efficacy and dosage of Ge-132 are unknown. Ge-132 has no known toxicities." Tong Bell a chemist Ph.D. who has studied Cancell for seven years recommends taking Germanium 132, but recommends about 100 mg per day which is more than MRP recommends. He also recommends against the rest period (3 days off and 4 days on) that some sources instruct.

Willard’s Water for Increased Absorption

Willard’s Water decreases the surface tension of the water you mix with Cancell and allows greater permeability into every cell. This seems especially important when fighting viruses which can hide deep in the recesses of our bodies, but is also important when fighting cancer. The $16, eight ounce bottle makes eight gallons of treated water. For herpes a half gallon is enough; you don’t have to use Willard’s Water every time. For instance, it may be hard to bring it to work where mixing Cancell with a little good quality drinking water will be fine.

Final Remender

Memorize the list of vitamins to avoid. Taking vitamins that interfere with Cancell is the most common mistake.

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