In the beginning (a couple of hundred consultations ago), we tested the people who received a consultation. The results were an eye opener; they got half the questions wrong. We realized that they needed this information in written form. The consultation summary was born. It has a clickable table of contents (otherwise people may find such a large summary difficult to use). The summaries run about 30 pages. They are what makes our consultations a cut above the rest.

A lot of the information deliver in a consultation can be found on this huge web site if you know where to look and more importantly what to look for. Success in treating cancer is not due solely to finding the right treatment. It is also due to making the right changes in your life and, most importantly in your mind. People hurt themselves everyday in ways that they are not even aware of.

Cheri DeShaw

Cheri is now performing the consultations and doing an excellent job. Cheri was born into a healer family. Her father was an amazing healer and taught Cheri starting from an early age. She now has over 25 years experience as an alternative health practitioner using various energy medicine machines and hands on healing. Her main skills are as a health intuitive.

Encouragement and Confidence

Nearly every time we have a consultation, the client comments on how much better they feel after talking with us. They explain that they are encouraged and confidant that they will be successful. This is because we give them a wealth of cancer defeating activities, a detailed plan and an explanation as to why they have cancer. Even though we deliver a lot of information during the consultation, you will not be overwhelmed. You will be able to relax knowing that everything we mention will be in your consultation summary and it will be easy to find because of the detailed, clickable table of contents.

A Comprehensive Consultation

More than most diseases, cancer requires a comprehensive approach (we avoid using the term holistic although this is a holistic approach because people confuse holistic with homeopathic). During the consultation, we will cover these aspects of treating cancer:

  • Biochemical — How to select the right supplements for your unique body chemistry without time wasting trial and error.
  • Energetic — The energy flow that acupuncturists work with has strong healing effects. Learn simple ways to keep this energy flowing daily.
  • Emotional — 80% of cancer patients have an emotional event that triggered their disease. We will explore fast and simple methods to fix the damage done by this event and others.
  • Spiritual — To recover your health your spirit must be nurtured. There are many ways to do this. We will explore ways that you are comfortable with.
  • Motivational — Typically, a cancer patient has too many things to do. We will develop an easy method to inspire you to keep on track.
  • Energy — Feeling tired is often a problem with cancer patients. Fear and common infection are just two ways we lose energy. we will help you find your energy.
  • Why treatments fail — 70% of Americans have a subconscious block to recovery. We will explore this block and make a plan to defeat it.

The Best Treatment Ever Attempted
The cancer protocol with the highest chance of success can be logistically challenging and depends on considerations such as your location, occupation.... We will explore whether or not you will be able to use this approach.

Summary Summary

A 30 page summary is a bit unwieldy when trying to find the next step. So the summary has a short section called the Typical Plan that contains not only step after step, but links to sections in the summary that support the step.

Extras and Guarantee

When you order a consultation, you get the following:

  • An MS Word file containing all the details of each subject that we covered including a table of contents. This means that you will not have to take notes when we speak Cheri will take the notes.
  • Additional files to support and track your progress.
  • Priority email support for further questions.

A full or partial refund (your choice) is available up to 30 days after the consultation. If, for any reason, you don't feel that you received appropriate value for your money, just email us with your full or partial refund request.

Other Consultations

A phone consultation is offered by Ralph Moss. He has written a number of books on cancer and has a PhD in science writing. Dr. Moss charges $500 for a one hour phone consultation and requires that you purchase a $297 cancer type specific report prior to the consultation. Total cost for the consultation (without a personalized consultation summary) is $797.


Consultations usually occur within 48 hours after placing the order. Evenings and weekends are available at no extra charge. To order: Link test

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Initial two hour consultation $150

A follow-on consultation, $60, is only available after having an initial consultation

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Paul Winter

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