Protection pendants have been around for years, but they were very expensive, finally someone, Universal Balance, has produced a reasonably priced pendant.

Stop Cell Phones and Other Electromagnetic Pollution

Electromagnetic pollution is not limited to the cell phone near your body. The full spectrum of frequencies of all of the electromagnetic signals in your area go through every cell in your body all day. These signals include the electromagnetic power from (not a complete list):

* Every time someone turns on a cell phone, the signal it transmits goes in all directions. In other words every operating cell phone that is within a few miles of you (uninterrupted by a solid mass), is transmitting radio waves through you. We have never before had so many electromagnetic waves constantly going through us.

This can reduce them.

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Any one who can muscle test knows that a cell phone is harmful. For those who don't know how to muscle test, it is easy to find the results of studies on electromagnetic pollution. A short Google search will probably yield you a controversy, but if you look closely, you will find this information:

In the early 1980s, the United States Navy conducted very well funded studies, spending about 100 million dollars. The results of their studies, showed that exposure to electromagnetic pollution resulted in altering the behavior of cells, tissues, organs and organisms; altered hormone levels, altered cell chemistry, altered immune processes, affected calcium ion bonding in cells, modified human brain waves, caused defects in chick embryos, and caused sterility in male animals.

People have a misconception that if a radio isn't tuned to the station, you can't get the signal. I have 20 years experience as an electrical engineer working on radar transmitters (radio wave penetration) and receivers and scanning radio receivers. I am intimately familiar with the ever increasing electromagnetic environment we live in. An incredible wide range of electromagnetic radio waves go through our body 24 hours a day.

A three inch by 1/8 inch antenna in your cell phone receives enough power to reproduce a complex message. We are about six feet by two feet, we receive that much more power (cross-section area determines exposure). My conclusion: we are 100 to 200 pounds of meat in a slow cooking microwave oven. It is having a constant, long term effect on our health and the new digital signals are much worse.

Digital Signals Are Worse
A doctor I know set up a local Wi-Fi network in his house so he and his wife could work on their computers without running network cables all over. When he turned on the transmitter for the Wi-Fi, his wife immediately developed arrhythmia. He is a cardiologist so he knows for sure what it was. He turned off the Wi-Fi and her arrhythmia stopped. This increased ill effect of digital signals is most likely due to the sharp edge of the square wave where the differential of the change of the signal approaches infinity.

But, wait, it is getting worse.  Electrical companies are planning to use smart meters to radiate us 24/7* with out proper testing or understanding of what they are doing.

Power Lines
From Electrical & EMF Pollution & Potential Human Effects by Kathryn Wilson, ND, MI, QBS, BS Psy: There is a concern that a magnetic field greater than two milliGauss (mG.) causes cancer. In 1979, a report was published by epidemiologist Nancy Wertheimer and physicist Ed Leeper. They reached the conclusion that children who died from cancer were two to three times more likely to have lived within forty metres (130 feet) of a power transmission line. Another study noted that children living near power lines emitting a 4 mG EMF and a 500% increase in lymphomas, brain tumors and childhood leukemia. View the complete 16 page report, free. You can also save it on your computer once you open it.


Protection pendants increase cellular energy and therefore they may increase ATP energy. This poses a potential conflict with the following alternative cancer treatments: Cantron, Paw Paw and Protocel.


Energy Medicine pendents for specific conditions including cancer *

Watch this video (in a new browser window or tab) for a demonstration of how a Universal Balance protection pendant (also known as a ell phone protection pendant) will increase your strength and balance (click the picture). After the video, close that browser window to return here.

Click the picture to see a demonistation

I have searched for years for a good protection device and Universal Balance pendant is the best by far. Not only is it a protector, it also contains healing frequencies. It increases your strength, balance, vibration and voltage. Those of you who know how to muscle test can test its ability to neutralize the weakening effect of cell phones and other transmitting devices. I am proud to be a distributor and can pass on a 10% discount to you. Its protection and healing effects do not diminish with time.

May interfere with ATP sensitive treatments Cantron, Protocel, and Paw Paw.


At $90 ( for the plain pendants) the Universal Balance pendants are probably the most cost efficient health products you can buy. Compare them to the popular ZeroPoint pendants (which I believe are not as powerful) at $159. For only $90 you can defeat the ill effects of the hundreds of $300 cell phones around you and all the other transmitting devices plus infuse your body with healing frequencies and it never wears out. Don't let the small size fool you; this is a real healing bargain. There is also a jewelry version for $270, see the pictures below.
You can pay with these
credit cards:

Each pendant comes with a thick black cord, but you can use any chain or just put it into your pocket. It does work a bit better when it touches your skin. The pendant is 1 9/16 inches in diameter and weighs 1.0 ounces.

Ordering Pendants

Order buttons are below the pendant pictures.

Pendants come in three styles:

  • Regular 40 mm (1.5") for $89
  • Jewely quality for $270
  • Small 25 mm (1") for $67 only available in rose quartz.

Prices represents a 10% discount from retail which is the largest discount allowed by the manufacturer, Universal Balance.

Shipping is $3. Sales tax only in Arizona.

Order buttons are at the end of the gallery.

Black Hematite

Green Aventurine

Purple Lepidolite

Red Jasper

Tiger Iron

Jasper (we will emial you pictures of currently available stones).

Small 1" pendant is only available in rose quartz $68

To order one of the above pendants, click an order button below.
Specify the stone you want in the Comments box just below
the box where you enter your credit card number.

Order the full size pendant for $89:

Small rose quartz pendant for $68:

Shipping is only $3.

Jewelry Quality
Spiral Wrapped with gold filled wire and solid silver basel has increased protection and healing strength and are more beautiful for the eye to behold. The stone comes in the same colors as above. Enter your stone choice (from the pictures above) in the Comments box just below the box where you enter your credit card number. Regardless of stone, use this order button, $270 plus $3 shipping. Sales tax only in Arizona.

Spiral Wrapped

Other names are cell phone protection pendent or cell phone protectors.

Other Energy Medicine Jewelry*

Remember to specify, in the Comments box,
the condition for which you need the pendant imprinted.

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Pharmaceutical companies and t he AMA has padded the coffers of politicians in order to pass laws to prevent any other form of medicine from being practiced in the United States. In such fields as acupuncture and Chiropractic they have lost their battle, but they continue to try to deny people the right to use the treatment of their own choosing. They deny us this right by passing laws that state that no one can make medical claims for something unless it is backed up by expensive FDA approval. However, they cannot prevent the spread of information. That is what these pendants and bracelets are, information. They do not treat or diagnose any disease or condition.

These pendants and bracelets are information and nothing more. The energy signature in the pendent or bracelet does not act on any condition. It only presents the body with information in vibrational form. The body must decide if it wants to vibrate in this manner and make the change itself. There is no difference between this and reading a book that states that vitamin C is a cure for scurvy. No treatment occurs until the person takes the vitamin C. The book does not treat nor does the pendent or bracelet; they are only providing information. The book provides the information in written form and the pendent or bracelet provides the information in energetic form.

If an alternative healthcare practitioner turns out to be dishonest, it is big news. But, you rarely hear of the misconduct and drug use (a rampant problem) of conventional doctors in the media. Conventional medicine is not the best medicine, it is just the most dangerous. It does not deserve a monopoly and should not be allowed to stop us from choosing the treatments we want.

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