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There are three steps that people use when ordering Protocel:

Two Formulas

There are two Protocel formulas, 23 and 50. Analysis of the two formulas indicate that the following lists represent the better of the two formulas to start with.

Formula 23
Formula 50

Auto-immune diseases
Bladder cancer
Brain tumors (primary)*
Crohn's disease
Kidney cancer
Multiple melanoma
MS (Multiple sclerosis)
Pets with any condition
Prostate cancer
Viral infections
Weak kidneys
Wilmes tumor

Cervical cancer
Colon cancer
Esophageal cancer
Liver cancer (primary)
Lung cancer
Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
Pancreatic cancer
Rhabdoid brain tumors
Stomach cancer
Squamous cell cancer
Throat cancer
Uterine cancer

* People use 23 for six weeks then switch to 50.

Protocols Are Critical

Before ordering, read all the Cancell (bands names Cantron and Protocel) protocols; you may not be able to perform some critical part and should therefore not use Protocel. Go to one of these pages for protocols (at the bottom of these protocol pages, you will find a Return to How People Order Protocel link):

Insure Success After Ordering Protocel
Almost every cancer survivor who used alternatives used two or more treatments. After you order Protocel, ask your body to select a cancer treatment to add to your protocol using the Alternative Cancer Test Kit*.

Avoid Critical Gaps in Your Protocol

There are many therapies described on this web site some of which will perfectly match your needs. However, this web site is huge, if you do not already know what to look for, you may not find what you need. For example, JR who had the two week remission (see the top of the Test Kit page) chose to follow all the therapies we developed during our phone consultation, but half of them he had not come across on my web site.

When you purchase a phone consultation all the therapies that we decide are right for you will be explored during the consultation and included in a meticulously prepared summary of about 30 pages containing all the details of the consultation. The two hour consultation and summary is only $150 and comes with an unconditional guarantee:

After the consultation, you will have priority status for email replies. Paul will respond to your emails quickly, night and day, and on weekends. Don't go it alone.

Paul Winter


Paw Paw is not sold by this web site (links are below). This web site offers the following Tools for Cancer Patients. The CD and DVD combo* is the best value. The phone consultation* is the most valuable.

Use the Test Kit* to allow your body to select the best treatment. EMF Protection* can protect you from cell phones, wi-fy and a plethora of electromagnetic pollution.
Our bodies are often not aware that tumors are a threat until it is too late. Hypnosis CDs* can send a clear message that the body needs to start to take care of this threat. Recovery from cancer is more likely if the emotional component is addressed. This tool is the simplest and most effective method to remove emotional bocks to your healing. Tapping DVD*.
Laughter instantly reduces symptoms of a wide range of disorders. Order the joke book* and laugh your way to a recovery. Energy medicine* is the medicine of the future. Wearing a pendant or a bracelet allows you to have the benefit of this technology every minute of every day.
Nothing on this web site is as helpful as a phone consultation*. It is the fastest way to assure the right comprehensive approach for you. When your cancer treatment starts working, your lymph system will need all the help it can get. This double roller massager* gets the lymph moving.

Protocel Ordering

There is a company in Australia who is selling Protocel under the name Entelev, but they are charging triple what Vitamin Depot charges so I am not listing them here except to say that yes it is Protocel.

Before you leave this web site to order Protocel, please go to our Shopping cart and complete your order of any of the above tools. To return here, just use your Back button repeatedly.

I am pleased that Protocel now has an alternative US distributor, Vitamin Depot** of Tallmadge, OH. They can be reached at (330) 634-0008 for US or overseas orders. They sell the 8 oz (one month supply) and 16 oz size (two month supply). The old distributor, WebND should be avoided for a number of reasons and should not be confused with WebMD to which they have no connection. WebND also has no ND (Naturopath Doctor), Vitamin Depot does. The people at alternativecancer.us do not profit from the sale of any alternative cancer treatments, but we do consider ourselves advocates for cancer patients.

Below are the prices for the 16 ounce sizes. If you don't know which Protocel you need, see the table at the top of this page*.

Refund Policy
Only unopened bottles returned within 30 days receive a refund less shipping and a 10% restocking penalty. Prior to returning Protocel a notice of desire to make a return must be sent including reason for return.

Vitamin Depot ships their products USPS priority mail. They also ship express USPS (overnight) upon customer’s request. For one bottle of Protocel, priority mail is $5 for Ohio and the states closest to Ohio such as Pennsylvania and Indiana.  For distant states such as Florida, Oregon, Utah, and California, shipping can be as high as $11.  Priority mail packages overseas with a 6 - 10 day delivery have been running between $22 and $26 and Express mail packages overseas with a 5 day delivery have been running between $40 and $55.

* The link goes to a different page on this web site, alternativecancer.us
** The link goes to a different web site and opens a new browser window or tab.

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