Quackwatch - Is the Fox Guarding the Chicken Coop?

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If you have read Quackwatch written by Stephen Barrett and suspect that alternative cancer treatments represent a fraud, consider this information from the “Who Funds Quackwatch” page of the actual Quackwatch web site written by Stephen Barrett:

However, in court* Stephen Barrett had to admit ties to the AMA, Federal Trade Commission and the Food Drug Administration. In the same court appearance, Barrett  was forced to admit that he was not a Medical Board Certified psychiatrist because he had failed the certification exam. This was a major demonstration of Barrett's integrity and honesty since he had provided “expert testimony” as a psychiatrist and had testified in numerous court cases. Barrett also had said that he was a legal expert even though he had no formal legal training. It was also determined that Barrett had filed defamation lawsuits against almost 40 people across the country within the past few years and had not won one single case at trial. The above information is from http://www.canlyme.com/quackwatch.html The Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation which Barrett has attached on numerous occasions.

If, after investigating Quackwatch and Barrett, you suspect that the real fraud is being run by Barrett, you would not be alone; even Barrett admits:

“Many people wonder whether Quackwatch is a "front" for the American Medical Association, the pharmaceutical industry, the "medical establishment," or whomever else they might not like. Nearly every week I get e-mails accusing me of this—and worse.”

I, Paul Winter, the webmaster for alternativecancer.us have, numerious times, sent Stephen Barrett copies of the NCI test results for Cancell which prove that NCI lies about their testing of this alternative cancer treatment. Barrett claimed that he never got them.

* Court Case: Stephen Barrett, M.D. vs. Tedd Koren, D.C. and Koren Publications, Inc.
Court of Common Pleas of Lehigh County for the State of Pennsylvania (Allentown)
Court Case No.: 2002-C-1837

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