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Philosophy of Regeneration

The Sunrider philosophy is based on the 5000+ year old philosophy of yin (nourish) and yang (cleanse) to bring balance to the five major systems of the body. These five systems, the immune (defense), circulatory, endocrine (hormonal), digestive and respiratory systems are the work horses of the body. If one system is working too fast or too slow it creates imbalances. If you nourish and cleanse the five systems with the best natural ingredients, your body will become balanced. This is the Philosophy of Regeneration, the blueprint for all of the Sunrider formulations and the most harmonious way to achieve optimal health. In the beginning it is easiest to add everything to 32 ounces of diluted Calli and enjoy on the go. Just ask if you have any questions or need a great smoothie recipe.

A powerful herbal rebuilding formula packed with vitally alive nutrients for cell energy and regeneration. Instant nourishment. Add packet to 16 oz of Calli, Fortune or other healthy beverages. Can also be added to food or a
smoothie with fruit, seeds, etc. Nourish the pancreas by adding SunnyDew to taste.
OR (the difference is VitaShake has NuPlus in it and other beneficial properties added).

A whole food concentrate enhanced with whole food vitamins, minerals and fructooligosaccharides (FOS), a
probiotic soluble-fiber carbohydrate that supports the growth of beneficial bacteria. Mix one package in a shaker bottle or
a blender with water, rice or almond milk, Calli or Fortune. Drink as is or add crushed ice and sweeten to taste.

Nourishes and assists the cleansing organs of the body (liver & kidneys). Helps the body eliminate stored toxins and metabolic wastes. Good replacement for coffee & tea. Great for Mental Clarity. Steep bag 10 minutes in 8-16 cups hot water (not boiling). Use bag only once. Add SunnyDew or Stevia to taste. It is important to dilute especially in the beginning.

Fortune Delight
Nourishes and promotes the eliminative organs (colon & kidneys). Helps the body flush out excess fat and yeast. High in antioxidants. For energy all day long, drink this delicious replacement for soda. Dissolve one packet in a small amount of tepid water. Add water to make a 16 oz drink. Add SunnyDew or Stevia to taste.

Combines Eastern Philosophy & Western Technology. Intense balancing nutrition for five main systems of the body: immune (defense), circulatory, endocrine (hormonal), digestive and respiratory. Powdered Gold. Add to a NuPlus or VitaShake meal, delicious in Calli with SunnyDew or as a warm tea at mealtimes. (10caps = 1 packet).

Known to nourish the pancreas for blood sugar and blood pressure balance. Enhances production of digestive enzymes. Use drops or squirts in all of your Sunrider foods and beverages. Everything is better with SunnyDew.


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  1. Go to the Sunrider Business Center** web page. The top of which looks like this:
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  3. On the second page of the application, please use this sponsor information:

    Paul Winter
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    By using my name and email address for your sponsor you help me support my web site full time. This allows me to answer email from cancer patients in a timely manner without charge and continue to add new information to the web site.

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Ask Sunrider or Me

Sunrider support is available from 8 AM to 5 PM West Coast time on weekdays at 310 781-3808. Or start an email by clicking Sunrider email.

Email Me
I greatly prefer email. I strive to answer all email questions within 48 hours and often answer emails immediately. Please consider the following so that we can communicate efficiently.

In your email please:

  • Include your name and the name of the patient (if applicable) so I can address you and the patient by name instead of something like "the mother-in-law of your colleague."
  • Use my name at the beginning of your inquirer such as "Hi Paul" and sign your name at the end of the inquirer. In this way, after a few emails have gone back and forth, I can tell where your inquirers begin and end. Emails devoid of greetings appear dismissive.
  • Make sure that your email software is set to include the text of the incoming email in your replies.

Please use this standard and polite form of correspondence and I will answer all your questions.

To email me click my name.

Thank you,
Paul Winter

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