To Buy Slim at 25% Off Retail

It makes sense to spend $40 and join as a Franchise owner.  That way you pay $65 for a month supply of Slim instead of $115.  To do that follow the instructions below. If you need help, you can call the Unicity support number in your country:

United States 800-864-2489
Canadian 800-999-6222

To register, Print out this page (the gray background will not appear) and follow and these steps:

  1. Go to**
  2. On the right side, click the blue Join Now button. A new page with the first heading, "Country and Opportunity."
  3. From the first box, Home Country select your country .
  4. Below the Home Country box, make sure the Join as a Franchise Owner is selected. This means you will pay the $40 and get the 25% discount for life.
  5. At the bottom of the page click Continue. A new page opens with the first heading, "Referrer Information."
  6. Click the Verify Sponsor button. My name, "Winter, Paul" should be under my ID number (106755901).  If not please reenter my ID number 106755901.
  7. Fill out your Personal Information.
  8. At the Franchise License Fee section find these selections:

    If you select the $40 option you will receive forms for signing other people up and a nice battery operated hand mixer, but no Slim.  You will have to order Slim separately, but it will still only cost you $65 for a month supply.

    If you select the $300 option you will get four months of Slim at $65 and save on shipping.  You have 90 days to return the Slim if you decide you don't want it even if you use some.  I love the taste, it reminds me of those orange flavored creamsicles I ate as a kid. 

  9. Click Continue to enter you credit card number in a secure page. 

After you register, you can see your account by logging into:

* The link goes to a different page on this web site,
** The link goes to a different web site and opens a new browser window or tab.


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