Alternative Cancer Treatments
Comparison Table

In the following table, attributes of the treatments are listed in 10 columns. The number in each table cell represents the quality of the cancer treatment for that attribute as follows:

Table links are not functional on this printer-friendly table, but on the real table, clicking a number in a table row, transfers you to the related section on the web page dedicated to that treatment. Every section is followed by a link back to the table. You can click any column heading for an explanation of that attribute.

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Finding the Right Treatment is Usually Done Wrong

Success rates for alternative cancer treatments are not high and reading about a treatment does little to insure that you are in the success group of that treatment. However, there are dozens of alternative cancer treatments. Certainly, you would fall into the success group of one or two. The most important job is to develop an approach for finding the treatments for which you are in the success group.

Conventional Doctors Do Little

During the past ten or twenty years there has been a number of “new treatments” for almost every condition. All of those treatments worked pretty well. New treatments are rarely better by a large margin. Your doctor could test new and old treatments on you to see which one would be the most effective, but prescribing older treatments makes doctors appear to be behind the times. Therefore, you will almost always get the newest treatment.

Testimonials Do Not Lead to the Success Group

Do not read testimonials to help you decide on a treatment. Reading testimonials does nothing to get you into the success group. Testimonials are very useful, but only for building belief after the treatment decisions have been made.

Finding Your Success Group

The most effective approach to treatment selection is to:

Three treatments are about the right number to easily manage and to avoid conflicts. The concepts below can help you find three treatments that are personally suited to you: