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Taxol, a fairly new chemotherapeutic agent also known as paclitaxel, is used in the treatment of ovarian and lung cancer.


Angiotech is a Canadian company which is developing methods of delivery of anti-angiogenesis products. Angitech found taxol to be the most potent angiogenic inhibitor that they have tested.



The occurrence of life-threatening events was found to be uncommon among 107 patients with taxol administered at a high dose of 250 mg/m2. Taxol with G-CSF was considered to be a well-tolerated regimen. Higher doses of taxol were held to be associated with higher disease response rates.

Taxol is dangerous:

Taxol-induced neuropathy is dose dependent with higher dose per cycle and total dose and is at least partially reversible.


A total of 11 cases have been identified of colonic perforation following taxol therapy, an infrequent result but which can have a high mortality rate.

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