This web site sells tools to support cancer patients.  They differ from treatments and supplements in that they are not medicines and are not taken internally.  The tools offered on this web site include:

Use the Test Kit* to allow your body to select the best treatment. EMF Protection* can protect you from cell phones, wi-fy and a plethora of electromagnetic pollution.
Our bodies are often not aware that tumors are a threat until it is too late. Hypnosis CDs* can send a clear message that the body needs to start to take care of this threat. Recovery from cancer is more likely if the emotional component is addressed. This tool is the simplest and most effective method to remove emotional bocks to your healing. Tapping DVD*.
Laughter instantly reduces symptoms of a wide range of disorders, 1989 JAMA. Order the joke book* and laugh your way to a recovery. Energy medicine* is the medicine of the future. Wearing a pendant or a bracelet allows you to have the benefit of this technology every minute of every day.
Nothing on this web site is as helpful as a phone consultation*. It is the fastest way to assure the right comprehensive* approach for you. When your cancer treatment starts working, your lymph system will need all the help it can get. This double roller massager* gets the lymph moving.

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Quarterly Newsletter

Did you hear about this in the news:

In the spring of 2003, Nature's Sunshine released Paw Paw for sale to the general public. That culminated 30 years of intensive, university level research. Paw Paw is one of the best performing alternative cancer treatments. Treatments from the Paw Paw family, which includes Graviola, are the only cancer treatments, alternative or conventional, that have shown effectiveness against multiple drug-resistant cancer (MDR) cells. MRD cells are the main reason why cancer reoccurs and why chemo does not work the second time.

You probably did not hear about this new cancer treatment. Conventional media will not tell you anything that might take business away from their advertisers. Pharmaceutical companies spend so much money on TV and magazine ads that the entire new media is in their pocket. If you want real news, you must search elsewhere.

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