We do not sell any alternative cancer treasments unless you consider hypnosis a treatment. This allows us to present completely unbiased comparisons of these treatments. This web site contains:

  • All the information from the old web site regarding Cancell (Cantron, Protocel),
  • Paw Paw, and ten other alternative cancer treatments in a side-by-side comparison table:
  • Diet* considerations for cancer patients and cancer prevention*.
  • Treatment selection approaches.
  • Manufacturer contact information for each alternative cancer treatment (12)

Some of the 12 Treatments Compared on this Web Site

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Understanding Treatment Selection Selecting a cancer treatment is different from selecting any other type of treatment; the selection should be based on your body. Most treatment selection methods ignore this all important aspect of treatment selection.

Quick Nav Select the type of visitor you are and then the type of information you want. This page also explains how to use the Comparison Table and the Search system.

What Happened to Good Medicine? General information about alternative cancer treatments such as why conventional doctors can't prescribe them.


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