In 1902 Dr John Beard of the University of Edinburgh in Scotland proposed a cancer theory that has been given the following names:

The Trophoblast theory has never been disproved but this did not stop attacks upon it which are nothing more than name calling. In March 2004, the Trophoblast theory once again gained support. This time in the most prestigious conventional cancer medical journal, the Cancer Journal. The attacks appear against the closest related alternative cancer treatment Laetrile.

Cells Out of Control

The trophoblast theory of cancer as proposed on this page states that a tumor is actually the result of fast-growing trophoblast cells that our body failed to turn off through pancreatic secretions. Trophoblast cells appear at the sight of chronic injury or other damage. They are simple cells that hold the space for the slower growing, more complicated cells such as liver of kidney cells. When the slower cells fully develop, pancreatic secretions are supposed to destroy the trophoblast cells. The failure to destroy these fast growing cells allows a tumor to develop.

The body does not recognize the growing tumor as a problem since the cells often grow during a healing process. If a message could be given to the body that the tumor is actually a threat to the body, a spontaneous remission can occur. This is the basis of the hypnosis CDs for cancer sold on

Trophoblast cells also appear at the uterus wall during pregnancy. They perform their rapid growth preparing a place for the embryo to attach itself. If these cells were removed and taken to a laboratory for examination, they would be identified as cancer cells. The identification would be correct, but these cells stop growing and do not form into a tumor. They stop growing when the pancreas of the baby forms.

The Hormone Hint

Trophoblast cells give off a unique hormone, CGH (chorionic gonadotrophic hormone). This hormone is only found in people who:

As you can see from the list above, the connection between healing cells gone unchecked and cancer is on firm ground, but there are more connections.

Toxin Connection

Have you have ever wondered why nearly every toxin under the sun is blamed for causing cancer? Toxins that remain in the body cause constant damage and put the area where they reside into repeated healing mode. The process proceeds as:

  1. Damage to tissues are caused by the toxin.
  2. The body starts the healing process by forming trophoblast cells (actually small amounts of trophoblast cells are everywhere in our bodies waiting to multiple to aid the healing process).
  3. When the healing process is well underway, the trophoblast cells are no longer needed and the pancreas is expected to eliminate these fast growing cells.

The above process happens over and over again because the toxin remains in place. Sooner or later due to over stress from our modern diet, the pancreas momentarily fails to secrete the needed compounds or these compounds are used up by some other area. So the trophoblast cells continue to multiply and a tumor is formed.

The Diet Connection

After healing of an injury has established itself, the trophoblast cells are stopped and eliminated by a secretion from the pancreas. What is interesting is that our modern diets are almost completely void of the nutrients that our pancreas needs. They are found in millet, mong beans and in the seeds of fruit like apricot and apple. This loss of nutrients in our diets coincided with the increase in our consumption of sugar and carbohydrates. Both of which are quickly turned into blood sugar. It is our pancreas that is used to balance this excess of sugar in our blood. This has put a strain on our pancreas which is the real cause of the increase in cancer.

In August 2004 the results of a study connecting carbohydrate consumption and cancer were released. Researchers interviewed 1,866 women aged 20 to 75 in Mexico City about their diets and found that breast cancer risk rose with carbohydrate consumption. Those who ate the most carbohydrates had more than twice the risk of breast cancer than those who ate the least amount of carbohydrates. The increased risk of breast cancer was seen both in premenopausal and postmenopausal women.

The rate of cancer dramatically increased shortly after sugar cane was discovered and became popular. Sugar is the ultimate carbohydrate. It is turned into blood sugar faster than any other food and puts a tremendous strain on the pancreas. Diabetics who suffer from deficient pancreas activity are three times more likely to get cancer than other people.

Cancer Prevention Based on Diet

For most of history, man ate few grains and these grains tended to be whole grains. Whole grains have less carbohydrates than milled grains and increase blood sugar slower than "white" grains. Today's wheat, even whole wheat, has many more carbohydrates that the grains of old. Wheat with the highest level of carbohydrates (white flour) tastes sweetest.

To reduce the strain placed on the pancreas by our modern diet, avoid foods with a high glycemic index. Food lists based on the glycemic index can be easily found on the Internet. This one is most extensive. For additional prevention information, see the Prevention section of

Constant Damage – The Time Bomb

When a person smokes cigarettes, their lungs are constantly damaged. As a person gets older and their pancreas gets more and more stressed due to poor diet, sooner or later, the healing process is going to fail to be stopped at the right time and a tumor starts.

Carcinogenic materials often do not cause cancer until years after exposure. This is a mystery for most oncologists, but not if they know the Trophoblast theory. The carcinogenic material is not directly causing the cancer, if it was, the cancer would develop soon after exposure. It is the repeated healing caused by the stubborn presence of this foreign body that eventually causes a cancer tumor to start. The pancreas usually works well in younger people, so the healing cells are always stopped when they are supposed to be stopped. It is only when the person gets older that the pancreas fails every now and again.

Immune System Connection

The immune system is designed to deal with such things as bacteria that are not made by your body. Cancer tumors are created by the body. Therefore, the immune system is not going to destroy cancer cells. Some laboratory experiments have shown that immune system killer T cells" can kill cancer cells. These experiments are performed in test tubes not in the body. Many body functions behave differently outside the body and the immune system is one of them.

With that said, strengthening the immune system has cured cancer patients. This apparent contradiction is understood when you consider that bacteria and other microbes damage the body where they reside and cause the body to go into repeated healing mode. As explained above, repeated healing can eventually lead to cancer if secretions from the pancreas fail to stop trophoblast cells (used in healing) from multiplying.

So by boosting the immune system you can remove the cause of the cancer and the body may remove the tumors as the body was meant to do. However, it often occurs that the tumors grow too large or too numerous for the body to handle. At that point an additional approach is needed. That is when treatments like those identified as treatments on the Comparison table* are used.


A compound that stops the advancement of these trophoblast healing cells is none other than Laetrile, the famous cancer cure of the 1970s. The pharmaceutical company thugs (make no mistake pharmaceutical companies make the oil companies look like angels) are so scared of Laetrile that they bribed the FDA to make it illegal. This is incredible because Laetrile is found in foods that the FDA knows are safe.

Although Laetrile can suppress the spread of cancer and is a good preventative, it is often ineffective on tumors. The reason for this lack of success on tumors may be due to the fact that tumors are beyond the size that Laetrile can deal with. Still it is used by many aware cancer patients to prevent the spread of their cancer. Cancer is spread by small groups of cells moving to another part of the body. Laetrile can be effective against these small groups of cells.

Pancreatic Supplements

There are two types of supplements that help support the functions of the pancreas, pancreatic enzymes and Laetrile. Two brands of pancreatic enzymes: Megazyme Forte and Wobenzym are presented in this section. Laetrile* has its own page.

Megazyme Forte

Can be purchased from the Cantron manufacturer for about $30 a month. One large pill contains:

Wobenzym Pancreatic Enzymes

Alternative cancer doctors who understand this theory are recommending Wobenzym to all cancer patients regardless of cancer type. It is the obvious choice for pancreas support and are the most available pancreatic enzymes. Wobenzym is one of the few supplements that contains all these pancreatic supportive elements per small pill (three a day is the preventative recommended). Most cancer patients take at least 12 pills a day. Three pills contain:


Most people purchase Wobenzym on the web from The Wobenzym Place**

The dosage for Wobenzym can vary tremendously. I suggest you talk to the wobenzym expert Charles Green of The Wobenzym Place at: 1-800-588-8139

You can also purchase Wobenzym from Web Vitamins**

There are other pancreatic emzymes on the market. Some are individualized according to the particular patient's needs and cancer type such as the emzymes that are part of the Gonzalez regimen** named after Nicholas Gonzalez MD who used information from and worked with William Donald Kelley DDS. Dr Gonzalez is currently practicing in New York City. You can download the book "One Answer to Cancer" by Dr. Kelley here. If a product claims to be pancreatic emzymes, it must have at least trypsin.

Protein Timing

Dr Kelley developed a very successful approach to treating cancer based on supporting the pancreas with enzymes similar to Wobenzym and a diet based on the patients metabolic type. From Dr. Kelley's Metabolic Cancer Cure Diet on the web site:

"It is not only imperative that the correct kind and quantity of protein be eaten, but of equal importance, it must be taken at a specific time. We have found that regular proteins should be taken at breakfast and lunch only. When this is strictly observed the pancreatic enzymes, used in digestion of protein, are used only about 6 hours. This leaves 18 hours for production of pancreatic enzymes to digest cancer tissue."

Visit the above link for more on Dr Kelly's diet. Dr Kelly is the doctor that cured Steve McQueen (the actor) of cancer. The media incorrectly reported that McQueen died of cancer while taking Laetrile. He did not die of cancer. The tumors in McQueen's body were dead and completely encapsulated; they were of no threat. McQueen insisted that they be removed. The fact that the tumors were dead and encapsulated was proven during the surgery when the liver tumor fell out of Mcqueen's body. Mcqueen died after the surgery for no apparent reason; the surgery was a success. It is note worthy that Mcqueen's vowed to expose the "cancer racket" because he felt that Dr Kelly's approach was the cure for cancer and Kelly was being persecuted to hush-up this cure.


Also called B-17, Laetrile is obtained from the seeds found in Apricot pits. It is one of the many nitrilosides found in nature. The pancreas needs nitriloside to perform well. More information about Laetrile including ordering information can be found on the alternativecancer .us web page.

Recent Research

21: Med Hypotheses. 2006;66(3):486-90. Epub 2005 Nov 15.Click here to read Links

Cancer is a functional repair tissue.

Meng X, Riordan NH.

Bio-Communications Research Institute, 3100 N. Hillside, Wichita, KS 67219, USA.

When a wound occurs, growth and repair genes (GR genes, such as oncogenes, proto-oncogenes, etc.) in surrounding cells are activated and secretion of growth and repair factors (GR factors, such as growth, stem cell, and stimulating factors, etc.) is induced to heal the wound. However, if the wound is persistent due to chronic physical (radiation, electromagnetic field, trauma, particles, etc.), chemical (carcinogens, toxic chemicals, heavy metals etc.) or biological (aging, free radicals, inflammation, nutrient deficiency, bacteria and virus infections, stress, etc.) damage, amplification of GR gene activation in surrounding cells may lead to a clinical cancer. Based on the commonalities between cancer and wound healing, a new hypothesis of cancer is presented: malignancies are not passive mutated useless masses; rather, they are functional tissues produced by GR gene activation to secrete GR factors in an effort to heal persistent wounds in the body. Based on the hypothesis, current cancer treatments aimed at killing cancer cells only may be misguided. The logical extension of the hypothesis is that cancer treatment focused on wound healing by limiting causes of persistent wounds, providing repair cells, GR factors, and substrates required by repair cells may yield more fruitful results than treatments focused on killing cancer cells alone. Spontaneous regressions of cancer, although rare, may be successful examples of serendipitous spontaneous wound healing. Standard therapies aimed at killing cancer cells, should be limited to adjuvant status for limiting symptoms or buying time for completion of the wound healing process. Attempts to destroy cancer cells without healing underlying persistent wounds will allow for eventual recurrence.

PMID: 16290925 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

The Other Theory

The other theory of cancer states that normal cells, for some unknown reason, mutate into cancer cells forming a different cell for each “type” of cancer. Therefore, liver cancer is different from lung cancer which is different from pancreas cancer….  This makes a much more rich field of endeavor for oncologists and research doctors.  However, this theory does not hold up even under the slightest light of investigation. As the percentage of cancer cells in a tumor approach 100%, all tumors start to look the same. Is that because they are all trophoblast cells? That would explain this simple observation.

Another problem with the mutation theory is that cancer cells are much simpler than normal cells. When a cell divides, both parts contain all the complex structures of a normal cell. When the cell mutates, what happens to those structures? They were inside the cell wall.  If the cell wall breaks, the cell dies. How did those structures get out? Do they dissolve and are carried out as waste? No one has seen this occur in a cell and looking at a cell with a microscope is easy.

How Cells Obtain Energy

Normal cells get energy from oxygenation, cancer cells get their energy from fermentation. This is such a radical difference that it would seem that normal cells and cancer cells must start out as normal cells and cancer cells. Mutation does not seem possible.

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The trophoblast theory of cancer was presented in 1903 by Professor Beard of the University of Edinburgh and never disproven. In March 2004, Beard's theory once again gained support. This time in the most prestigious conventional cancer medical journal, the Cancer Journal.

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